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Who knew this simple room would inspire me to greatness within Doofleshmirtz & Doofleshmirtz?

Dear Mr. Doofleshmirtz,

I'm sorry that I couldn't just write you a simple email, but this is concerning the Company Vision, and I know that you would demand no less than this letter, written in my own hand.

When you had the company meeting about the "company vision" and how important it is, I at first thought it was some stupid ruse you put on for your own amusement. I, the ignorant pig that I was, thought that your slideshow on the goals and vision of the company was completely unrelated to the work I was involved in at the time.

I feel like an idiot now, writing you this letter in my dark apartment at 3 am in crayon. How could I have not seen it until now? The company vision has visited me in a dream, and it was everything you said it would be and more! I'm sorry I doubted your judgment, sir! The next time you babble on and on for three hours, I'll pay far more attention.

edit The Vision

In fact, I promise to pay way more attention to the customers than I ever have before. The company vision told me that the customers were what mattered. The company vision was so smart.

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