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“Roxanne, you should seriously em off me, you really scary.”
~ Green light to the police.

Alas Red light. The green light is always on, get me in a good mood. The struggle of humanity to help them through the anxiety. I always feel so good that the green light is turned on. They helped me through the bad times, and in fact, I said that my family is less than they first came to light in the green.


edit Yellow green

No, you can not do this to me! I am just a terrible day at work, people with the required paperwork, and so forth. No, it can not. Right now, you bastard! Yes and no. I still make it. It's like a block away.

edit The green, yellow

No, really! If you can not do this to me! Ah, yes, I play the game, to get the damn light. You are thinking of going slowly yellow green light? No, it is still basically a block away.

edit The yellow amber

Oh please, please, no! Yeah, yeah, maybe I was too bold? I will make a deal with you, please, I make a deal with you! I beat my kids, I swear, stop, OK? I swear on my mother's grave. Oh, no, it is still half a block away: daesupnikka.

edit The yellow

Oh my, my! Okay, so I lied! My mom is dead! Please mercy, God! Well, how about this? I swear, I will not think any more of a bad idea, right? I do not even think about them, it's just that the green light is OK, please! Just speed up, I can make to the light.

edit Pink

God, my God! I swear to you, Jesus, Buddha, and Satan (who does not want to create even angrier), I will not again do anything illegal. Kke spiders stop watching it, okay? That the devil will cease xanax out bright green if you will. Now, I go to 80, so you typically would.

edit The dark pink

Slipfuck Oh crap! No, this angeureolgeohapnida. Sorry, okay? 2 hours sorry. I hope I can bring it back out of the hobo life, but who are we kidding? Please, Lord, a green light before the collision, okay? 90 does not lend itself well to the conflict.

edit Red, orange

Son of a bitch! I am not so bad person, me, Lord? I know this is bad today, but I was not the devil all the time, right? Now, get a hold of, get a hold: I am not yet created. Suit, and if you push the hatchback ... Maximum too.

edit The Scarlet

Shitholymaryfuckdamn Oh! Good! Sorry! I bring life back to the hobo help me out if you are one thing, OK? That's all. I swear to the court for mercy on his gajyeoohdo my cruel before, fine, go if you want to create a conflict that green flowers are pieot before! 100 Ann - 10 is fast enough, anhana think so?

Car explosion

edit deep and dark red blood

Oh, my God. Screws, God! I know how long light in the city?

End ...

Or is it?

Yes, it was.

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