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is being reviewed by
Your Source for Fine Scented Pee
And Whatever Else Comes Out Of Him
I don't make articles funny, I make them acceptable or, if they're already acceptable, I decide if they're hilarious.
Nobody can make an article funny from just a review.

Example: Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Wikipedia (Purge)

Cajek's well-thought-out score scale:

  • [10]==Brilliant. No mistakes, made me laugh out loud, (50 holy crap!).
  • [9]===Way above average, +giggles: probably VFH (45)
  • [8]===More than adequate, +giggles: probably VFH (40)
  • [7]===Adequate, the average article (35)
  • [6]===Nearly adequate (30)
  • [5]===Inadequate (25)
  • [4]===ICU, +eye rolls (20)
  • [3]===VFD, +eye rolls, +sighs (15)
  • [2]===VFD/QVFD, +eye rolls, +sighs, +vomiting (10)
  • [1]===QVFD (5)
  • [0]===Doesn't exist, no attempt. Reserved for the Iscore of articles without pictures ONLY. I hate giving low scores!!!!!
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