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This is an essay. It is not an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia, so you should ignore it even more and disregard the mad ramblings of its writer. Or you could submit it as an Uncycloversity assignment in lieu of actually doing any work.

Caveman computer

Gruh? GRUH! ...So easy me can do it?

This be essay, no rules. This be essay, no funny. We be wiki not rule place. We be wiki no funny place. Me no use grammar no more. Even use won't I sometimes syntax. See now equation:



No, rules. It, be time to have none. Especially, we lose punctuation rules. No funny neither. We no like funny, it be bad.


Arg! Funny bad! It make mind hurt. It fill head with the confusion. When funny useful? It not matter! Funny people make Arg angry! Me smash scary man with multicolored wig! Me hate "what's the deal with airline food"!


Make no artickles. Me hates. Every time user make article funnee, we ban. Every time user use non-caveman dialect, we ban. Make me admin so I can crush effectively. Need us we to crush funny and rules. Me no need rules! Mommy say I'm old enough to hunt tarry-dactl on own now! Deleet all articles that are funny or has rules.

Me end essay now. Brain hurt.

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