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<SisReck> I do have a couple of decent ideas.
<Cajek> tell
<Cajek> do tell
<SisReck> Dishwasher.
<SisReck> And why they're useless.
<SisReck> One sec, I'll elaborate.
<Cajek> yeah confuzzled
<SisReck> Okay, it's gonna be semi-first person.
<SisReck> As in, an author who tries to remain unbiased but still hates dishwashers because they don't do anything.
<Cajek> like Otters?
<SisReck> You know how you have to clean the dishes before putting them in, and then you have to dry then when you get them out?
<SisReck> Yeah.
<Cajek> oh yeah
<SisReck> Not entirely like otters though.
<Cajek> so you'll be explaining dishwashers and complaining part of the time
<Cajek> sounds good to me
<SisReck> It's not going to be for a teacher or anything.
<SisReck> Yep.
<Cajek> your T-Rex article is just the right length
<Cajek> for that type of thing
<SisReck> For Dishwasher?
<SisReck> Or for Trex?
<Cajek> for both
<SisReck> Iight.
<Cajek> "I don't know where dishwashers get their water, but it's second rate"
<SisReck> Then it'll take me around 3 days.
<SisReck> XD
<Cajek> "and they must use dirty hoses inside to squirt that second rate water"
<Cajek> "because they are SUCH pieces of shit"
<Cajek> "i wish I could see inside"
<SisReck> I'll just get a scratched up piece of paper
<Cajek> "oh you bastards, are you even washing inside there?"
<Cajek> "or are you filling my apartment with WOOSHING noises??"
<SisReck> and be like "A simple diagram of fucking dishwashers."
<Cajek> lol
<Cajek> and inside there's nothing
<SisReck> Probably not going to be THAT opinionated.
<Cajek> or like, a garden gnome
<Cajek> an angry garden gnome
<SisReck> But it'll be more matter-of-fact ish
<SisReck> Like its obvious that they don't do anything.
<Cajek> "I might as well pay immigrants to wash these dishes"
<SisReck> Yeah.
<Cajek> just throwin' ideas at ya
<SisReck> But like I said it's not gonna be SO opinionated.
<SisReck> Not like Otters.
<Cajek> yeah
<SisReck> It'll be subtle.
<SisReck> But still frustrated.
<Cajek> you could also go the route of over-complicated
<SisReck> Yeah, I was gonna use that in my images.
<SisReck> Dishwashers are the worst
<Cajek> like, there are hoses that squirt other hoses to keep them clean
<Cajek> I actually think you could just do Dishwashers
<SisReck> Of course I'll have to link to Sexual innendo
<Cajek> EVERYBODY cool does that
<SisReck> And yeah, I'm gonna use Dishwasher
<SisReck> I think I've linked to Sexual innuendo in all of my articles.
<Cajek> squirt other hoses
<SisReck> Even in T-Rex.
<Cajek> other
<SisReck> I'll make the whole thing a link to Sexual innuendo.
<Cajek> sexual innuendo <- dishwashers
<Cajek> by SysRq
<SisReck> Pretty much.
<Cajek> I always thought of dishwashers as a very carnal device
<Cajek> very sensual
<SisReck> Yeah.
<SisReck> The soft purring noise.
<SisReck> The steam.
<Cajek> the dancers who have dishwashers on stage always get my ones
<Cajek> the steam, the purring, oh lord so hot
<SisReck> Yeah.
<SisReck> Yeah, and the huge tits.
<Cajek> so hot and sexual innuendo
<Cajek> it's basically a giant opening
<SisReck> Dishwashers have such nice racks.

<SisReck> [15:56]
<OptyC>now if only SisReck was here, it'd be a party!
<SisReck> [15:56]
<YTTE>he is
<SisReck> [15:58]
<OptyC>now, if only SisReck would leave, it'd be a party!

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