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edit Not Famous

A list of the first VFH articles of various people...

1st Article Written 1st Feature Name Date Featured
Side effectsJ'accuseCajek2007 10/02
Why?:Stick Things in the Electrical OutletUnknown user2007 12/26
The Color ProblemMrN90002007 12/06
Uncyclopedia Health ServiceDJ Irreverent2008 02/16
Why?:Collapse Space-TimeAn Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays2007 08/26
DiplomacyCainad2007 08/25
UnNews:National Gay Marriage Threat Level Raised to "Flamboyant"Composure12006 06/18
Man UncyclopediaDawg2006 01/24
Table of ContentsDWIII2005 05/05
Byzantine EmpireInsineratehymn2007 04/22
The artist formerly known as GodIsra13372005 12/30
HowTo:Be pretentiousJamtrousers2006 10/22
Napoleon BonaparteKwakerjak2006 11/05
ZenRei2006 02/13
Global CoolingRogpyvbc2007 05/31
UnBooks:Choose Your Own Adventuresannse2007 03/15
UnScripts:The O'FinnertysJocke Pirat2007 08/31

edit Famous

"Famous" people's first featured articles, in no particular order...

1st Article Written 1st Feature Name
UnNews:Florida flooded by global warming, Sea World ironically left above waterTheLedBalloon
HowTo:Learn HebrewMordillo
CromerDown with this sort of thing!Under user
Why?:Put Down the Duckie?Dr. Skullthumper
User:Ljlego/That's what she saidFat AlbertLjlego
Pot v. KettleSavethemooses
Suburban homeboyModusoperandi
UnNews:People leaving the Matrix in droves after red pill mix-upThe Thinker
Bouncy CastleHardwick Fundlebuggy
UnBooks:The Anarchist CookbookZombiebaron
Patrick HenryOne-eyed Jack
Fire HydrantSo So
HowTo:Skip SchoolSquiggle
Fecal E. ColiTodd Lyons
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