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“That Cajek fellow removed my custom quote from his page. Bastard.”

""pardon me garden pea" is a cry often heard in the location of Rose Lane, Norwich. Usually preceded by a loud belch or fart, this term is used to excuse the perpetrator of the previously mentioned misdomener." - From Pardon Me Garden Pea

“Just imagine having a romantic dinner of chocolate Pop-Tarts in bed with Miss Piggy while she's kneading on your nutsack whilst you take pictures of the whole experience with the new Sony Cyber-shot camera with Smile Shutter technology? Can you say best goddamn experience in your pathetic life?”
~ Dexter111344 on Forum:Message from Wikia

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05:04, 6 November 2008 TheLedBalloon (Talk | contribs) blocked (Talk) with an expiry time of Judgement Day (Yeah, I agree, this site is the worst. Tell you what, now you don't have to edit here ever again! Aren't I the best admin ever?)

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edit The UnSignpost: Best before Friday!

~ Fnoodle (talk) (my creator) 00:00, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

edit UnSignpost: December 1st, 2011

~ Fnoodle (talk) (my creator) 05:01, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
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