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Cainad has written a fair few articles. Two of them are UnNews, and three of them are featured articles. This line of text is not intended to make you laugh, you'll have to read the articles for that.

  1. Diplomacy: Holy crap! Featured!
  2. Books never written: Holy crap! Also featured!
  3. Bacon and Cheese Sandwich of 1905 (My first foray into the world of articles with long titles)
  4. Iron Age
  5. Thomas Aquinas
  6. Crab sorcerer
  7. Archaea Har har! Huffage!
  8. Babble
  9. Silmarillion
  10. Sikhism
  11. Jarlsberg
  12. Mossy coconut Don't ask, just click.
  13. Consumerism
  14. Invisible cow This one is almost good.
  15. HowTo:Win Obviously, I never took my own advice.
  16. Inferno I wrote this in two days. Give me a cookie.
  17. Cream cheese Because we just had to have one.
  18. They is a stupid article I wrote.
  19. Motto: Proudly bringing you poorly written dribble-humour most-wanted articles since a while ago!
  20. Myth is the first one I put a lot of effort into, in terms of images and thinking. By this logic, Myth is an unfunny article.
  21. English breakfast Because I like grilled tomatoes.
  22. Game:Page 188 contains very few Page 86's. Please, enjoy it and expand it.
  23. IQ is good example of my own IQ.
  24. Uncertainty is something I think I wrote.
  25. Aspirin was also one of my crowning achievements, which is why it sucks.
  26. Second Life is one I got a compliment for, but you really have to know what it is. No, I won't tell you, go look it up.

edit UnNews

UnNews:President Clinton Eats Fox News's Chris Wallace Alive, Spits Out The Bones Sadly, this is funnier than any of my regular articles. I feel so pathetic.

UnNews:Alumnus Spills the Beans: "Harvard Hates Everybody"

edit Mostly My Fault (rewrites)

  1. Mac User I rewrote the hell out of this one.
  2. Books never written Also a total and complete rewrite.
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