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The Curse of Greyface is a bad trip which all humans suffer from. The Curse is the result of the actions of a malcontented hunchbrain by the name of Greyface, who unleashed his curse upon the world in 1166 A.C. Lacking any sense of humour whatsoever, Greyface believed that the universe operated in a way that was as boring and dull as he, and began teaching his ideals to others. Mankind has been on a bad trip ever since.

The Curse itself is the crap that happens because of the spiritual imbalance caused by Greyface's teachings. What exactly is the crap we are describing? We're getting to that, be patient.

edit What It's All About

Greyface, being an idiot, believed that order is superior to disorder, and that the Universe is orderly. How he could have come up with this harebrained idea, or why anybody believed it, remains a mystery, considering all the chaos that obviously exists. Newton and his fancy-schmancy "laws of motion" were little better.

According to Greyface's ideals of Serious Order, having fun and enjoying one's self without organization is sinful. Taking everything seriously is the main aspect of Serious Order. Thanks to this dumbass philosophy, people usually prefer a lousy plan to an improvised one.

Other stuff caused by Serious Order:

  • Not getting a joke
  • Being Conservative
  • Thinking it's stupid to do things that are spontaneous
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