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Those know-it-alls over at Wikipedia also have an article about: CScott/Battle of Midway.

...I've seen it though, and it's rubbish.

The Battle of Midway was the most decisive video game battle of the Second World War.

edit The Battle

Battle of Midway

Midway's Space Invaders fleet attacks Konami at the Battle of Midway.

It took place on 4 June, 1942, between 4.15 and 4.25pm, less than an hour after the disastrous Battle of Namco.

edit Strategy

In the early hours of the afternoon, Midway launched a surprise attack on video game rival Konami.

edit Aftermath

When the smoke cleared, Konami's shipyard facilities for Scramble and Gyruss lay in ruins, but victory came with a high cost, as Midway lost almost half of their own Space Invaders fleet.

edit Impact on the War

Although neither Konami or Midway had any direct ties to the Axis or Allied powers, the battle had far-reaching effects on video game warfare, and marked a crucial turning point in the entire war.

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