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 Allegheny National Forest Score: 0 Moves: 0

C:\> Blood Harvest_

> Examine Zombie

Did I ever say anything about a Zombie?

> Well, no...

HaHaHaHaHa! Well, now there is one!

> Examine Zombie

You inspect the Zombie. It seems to be a Zombie, pretty much. Wearing the tattered remains of a park ranger's uniform.

> Get real, you n00b. That's all?

Would you prefer the other description, provided by Valve?

> Yes

You carefully stare into every possibly minute detail of the pale-skinned individual, apparently once a member of the United States Park Service, now no doubt infected by what most CEDA experts would probably call the Green Flu Virus and turned into a rapid predatory species of beast resembling it's namesake horror film pop icon which, as it's name inspires, preys on the living Survivor characters of this demo.

> So....what happens next?

Well, you greet the Zombie in a polite and respectful manner. "Good day, Mr. Smokey Ranger, sir. Please do not kill me. I only want to be your friend." "Why, thanks," says the Zombie, tipping his hat. "I've always wanted a good friend." So the two of you go around skipping and frolicking in the meadows of the park, leaving your fellow Survivors to get torn apart by a horde of Zombified ex-presidential candidates. You splash around in crystal-clear waterfalls and throw flower petals in the air and find insects under leaves and run through the smiling, happy, sunshine until I can continue this farce no longer because you have been killed by the Zombie!



Would you request that your game be reset so that you can choose a different path, backtrack until you can remember exactly where you went wrong and hope to correct your erroneous mistake with minimized effort, or cease the playing of Blood Harvest for a varying period of time determined by your decision? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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