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 Allegheny National Forest Score: 0 Moves: 0

C:\> Blood Harvest_

> Make Conversation

You say, "Last thing I heard, there's some kind of military killing ground not far from here along the train tracks."

Francis says, "Yeah, I heard that too. Hey, waitaminute. That's my line! You stole my line, you sonofabitch! I was supposed to say that so we could go there and get the epic boss battle over with! You [bleep]ing daughter of a [bleep]. If you steal my line again, I'll [bleep] you and [bleep] the [bleep] so then you can [bleep] on [bleep] and that won't be the end of it, cuz then I'm gonna rip out your [censored] and shove it up your [bleep] and [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] so far you'll [bleep] it up your [bleep] and [bleep] sideways!"

> WTF is a goddamned 'bleep'?

Yeah,'s complicated. You see, the demo screens out the coolest stuff so you'll buy the real game, you lazy [bleep] of the [bleep]ing [bleep]. GET IT NOW?

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