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 Allegheny National Forest Score: 0 Moves: 0

C:\> Blood Harvest_

> Take yet another drag on your cigarette

As you take another drag on your cigarette, your chest begins to hurt. Slowly, you sink to your knees. Three Smoker Zombies, attracted by the smoke, lash out with their long tongues and constrict Zoey and Francis. The third tries to ensnare Louis. He immediately runs over to the Picnic Table, and picks up a combat shotgun. "Leave my friends alone!" He shouts.

Unfortunately, without the Pills he is addicted to, Louis doesn't have the strength to pull the trigger. When the next CEDA rescue helicopter comes through the area, a doctor lands to perform an autopsy on your body. Francis, Louis, and Zoey all apparently died from getting strangled by Smokers, but you died from lung cancer, you heavy chain smoker. Your lungs are extracted from your chest and used as the new warning labels on cigarette packs by the Surgeon General. In other news, your corpse is picked apart by Zombies and Vultures. End of Story.



Would you request that your game be reset so that you can choose a different path, backtrack until you can remember exactly where you went wrong and hope to correct your erroneous mistake with minimized effort, or cease the playing of Blood Harvest for a varying period of time determined by your decision? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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