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You are logged in as Miltonn00b1. Before you proceed, you should meet your characters:

Bill L4D

A Vietnam veteran, Bill is a belligerent old curmudgeon who can often be heard muttering republican-esque views about his fellow survivors. Before the apocalypse Bill could commonly be found at political rallies loudly spouting bigotry and defending the tobacco industry over the rasping of a horde of people spouting bigotry and defending the tobacco industry.

Francis L4D

Victim of the fact his parents were expecting a girl Francis is riddled with insecurities and feels a constant need to rebel against authorities (this can be gleaned from his effeminate giggle anytime a zombie police officer is re-killed). Francis was on the FBI watch list of "people most likely to try and overturn the government in the event of severe civil unrest". Before the apocalypse he could most likely be found lurking on various anarchist websites.


Louis worked in an office before apocalypse and was a devoted father of two small boys. He wishes sincerely that his fellow survivors were as cool as him ("Couldn't Zoey be more Latino?" he can be heard whispering when the others aren't looking). Louis can often be heard yelling about "pills". One can only assume that he is referring to the drugs he must consume in order to continue living. After an extended period of time without pills Louis will say: "At this rate... I... I'm not gonna make it...".


The biologically necessary female.

    • Non-Playable Characters


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