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Member of the Order

“C2rlo is a noob and a vandalizer... but a great goalkeeper, so I don't really hate him. Sins forgiven.”
~ Oscar Wilde on C2rlo in regards to vandalizing and his Superhuman abilities as a goalkeeper.

“Perhaps the least versatile version of Iker Casillas and me (Lionel Messi)... at least you can't make a goal to him without any of us being seriously injured”
~ Lionel Messi on C2rlo in regards to goalkeeping.

“I can't believe he's greater than me...”
~ Iker Casillas on C2rlo in regards to goalkeeping.

C2rlo (born 1992 at Places Unknown) is a vandalizer and a football Goalkeeper of Spanish,

Mexican, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino heritage who plays for Real Madrid and for the Philippines. This proved that he is more than a vandalizer, who once pissed Oscar Wilde off, to his Madrid teammates, and that they are pretty useless when having a match with Barcelona and all they do every El Clasico is to stand around.

In 2012, he was on the Philippine team that won their first Football cup in 99 years (yes, 99 years worth of shame and humiliation... 7 years worth of shit for him...)

A distant relative of Iker Casillas, he also has super strength, super agility, and super speed to make saves that would be impossible, including his signature move the Hand of God. C2rlo has also won the golden glove, which he hasn't worn since his hands are not prone to coldness or whatever (especially in the region of Madrid). Unlike Casillas, he won a few trophies, since he "don't need a lot of trophies to prove greatness!"

edit Existence

Little is known about how he existed in Uncyclopedia, although some sources say that he just came by out of curiosity and began vandalizing many articles earning him the shame and humiliation he hadn't faced in ages (similar to the 'amalayer' scandal of a crazy woman back in his country).

edit Early Life at uncyclopedia

When C2rlo (the bully and the noob) started at uncyclopedia he created an article about the now defunct Church of the Holy Cows, he is satisfied about the results... unfortunately in his later visits he vandalize a lot of articles... (which results to his "controversy")

edit Controversy

For C2rlo, this is the worst controversy he received in his entire life... he's been huffed because of his excessive vandalism:

07:16, 8 March 2008 Angela huffed "User:C2rlo" (vandalism)

edit Exile in Wikipedia

After the "controversy", He began his self-imposed exile to Wikipedia, until his return in early 2010.

edit Football Career

Little is known also how he started his epic career at football, although some sources say that he started by watching his distant relative Iker Casillas on TV and took inspiration to avenge him for the goals Lionel Messi made to him (since Casillas has weakness to Kryptonite)

C2rlo had started in Real Madrid when the coaches saw his skills equal to Superman, a feat which no other goalkeeper can reach (except for his distant relative!) and immediately signed him up.

All the seasons he participated in was always a fruitful season for him as he helped Real Madrid reclaim their glory by finally whooping the hell out of F.C. Barcelona (Lional Messi in particular) in all El Clasico Matches.

During the 2012 season, He won his first (first ever since... ever!) Best Goalkeeper award and played his 600th match for Real Madrid.

On May 2012, he clinched his fifth La Liga title with a 3–0 win at Camp Nou, the 1st time that second choice super goalkeeper to win it in Barcelona's turf (in your face!).

He eventually played for his national team, helping them win their first international title after almost a century... (geez, what took them so long?)

edit Honours

edit Club

Real Madrid
  • Golden Glove (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Paella
  • Double Cheeseburger, Extra Large Fries and Soda

edit Country

  • Golden Glove (2012)
  • Pork Chop, 2 Cups of Rice, A bit of Ketchup

edit Individual

  • Goalkeeper of the year (2012)

edit Decorations

edit Outside football

edit Personal life

Since 2009, C2rlo has been in a relationship with a woman who is a spy, by the name of "Curly tops."

His favorite food includes Ice Cream and French Fries.

His other hobbies includes killing zombies.

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