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Buford's one and only Girlfriend

edit General Information

Buford's Girlfriend, Scientific name Puella Achates Buford. A large species of Malusadipatus Scortor, a distent relative of the modern bovine. This particular specimen seems to need to eat constantly and can consume up to three (3) times its own weight in one (1) lunch hour. This particular specimen seems to be perpetually bitchy and in a constant state of PMS(Personality Misalianment Syndrome). For more information see Buford's Hooker. Buford was named after a Sega system. A fellow cousin of Buford would be, Buford Tannen.

Also Bufords Girlfriend is cheating on him with another low down scum named Clinton. Buford make take* action in this course of danger, fighting the Clinton seems to be the best method of action. If Buford were to take matters into his own hands, we highly recommend these actions to be viewable to the public. The odds of either one of them winning in a fight are very slim but the odds of a tie fight are still very slim because they are both losers. The odds of either one of them winning in a fight are very slim, however the odds of a tie are somewhat higher but still very slim due to the fact that they are both losers.

:Disclaimer: The above information is entirely accurate. 
:Source: Dobyns-Bennett High School (DBHS)
:Warning: Objects in picture are fatter than they appear. :Warning:

edit Buford's Children

Buford has 8 children, they are as followed:

edit External links

  • [1] Buford's Sport Cafe - Apparently, Buford owns this store.
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