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~ SCP-173 on Blinking

The SCP-173, also known as "The Sculpture", is a very rare species of statue that lives in the southern part of the jungles of the SCP Foundation. This species is very rare considering the fact that there's only 2 of it's kind and its sister The Sculpture and The Original "The Sculpture". SCP-173 is made out of 99.9% of cement and the other 1.1% is Krylon brand spray paint. He has no eyelids, so therefore, he can't blink and has severe eye problems, but luckily, he never gets blind. Because of this, he gets very jealous whenever people (or animals) blink,therefore giving him the urge to snap your neck. He is a euclid class SCP, meaning that he is very misunderstood by humans and is semi-hard to contain. He is best friend with the Slenderman and even tries to team up with his fellow SCPs, but they never listen.


The Original Picture of "The Sculpture".

edit Description

SCP-173 is a euclid class SCP that does virtually nothing, except killing people by snapping their necks. SCP-173 has big green eyes with black "blushes" that have white circles in them, making them look like eyes, but really, there not, maybe. He is also seen with human "white" colored skin, though in SCP Containment Breach he has more of a grayish-whiteish color. He also has a little black nose, white teeth, a black verticle ovular line in the middle of his face, and a big red scar/birthmark looking thing on his face. One theory is that that thing on his his face is blood from someone he killed. Another theory is that that it's just a marking on his face, you know how animals have interesting markings on their faces or bodies. Personally, I like thinking it's the second theory, and I'm sure most of you do as well. SCP-173's arms are also always sticking out like he wants to hug someone, which is very odd considering the fact that he barely ever feels love unless your a female SCP, or a weeping angel, or a female version of SCP-173. [DATA EXPUNGED]

edit Transportation

SCP-173 moves by teleporting, just like the Slenderman. He does this by moving at 9,999 miles per hour, and that's super fast. He preferably teleports whenever you blink, so he can kill you.

edit Reproduction

SCP-173 isn't really all that into sex, unless you're a weeping angel. Most people want to mate with SCP-173, mainly because they think his ass is sexy, or they think he's sexy in general.
SCP-173 and a Weeping Angel

SCP-173 and his possible mate.

edit Temperment

SCP-173 is known for snapping people's necks whenever they blink. He is animate and very hostile, meaning that he's probably one of the biggest assholes you'll ever meet. But hey, at least he's not as big of an ass as SCP-682, am I right? Anyway, SCP-173 has been diagnosed with severe mental issues, meaning that he's completely insane, but hey, you practically knew this the begining. I mean, ALL creepypastas are completely insane. And that's a true fact. He does, however, have emotions, which is something most of the SCPs lack. He can fell angry, sad, upset, frustrated, embarrassed, scared, threatened, disgusted, and most rarely, happy, excited, peaceful, or sleepy.
Happy SCP-173

SCP-173 smiling. Awww, doesn't he look so cute when he's happy and not killing people?

edit Hobbies

SCP-173's hobbies include staring into your soul, killing people, standing around all day doing nothing, staring at people, snapping people's necks, staring at animals, playing Slender, staring at the wall, killing people, staring into space, daydreaming, playing SCP Containment Breach, having staring contests, and snapping people's necks while staring at them.

edit Diet

Since SCP-173 is made up concrete, he eats mostly chalk and sometimes other things like dog food, cat food, meat, fish, rocks and human flesh. When eating human flesh, he prefers eating the eyes or brain first, eating everything else later. Though, he skips eating the private parts because he thinks their disgusting, and I actually agree.

edit Relationship with humans

Let me tell you something, this thing HATES all living things, especially humans, especially D-class personell. Mainly because of it's jealousy of anything with eyelids. Most humans seem to be sexually attracted to this thing, especially it's ass. PewDiePie was once caught licking SCP-173. He even was owned as a pet once by a human that goes by the name Budgielover2988 and given the name "Stanley". However, some people, considered as normal, actually get scared of SCP-173, or dress up as him on Halloween.
PewDiePie with SCP-173

WTF?! 0_0

SCP-173 in a Tutu

A picture that the SCP Foundation took of SCP-173 in a tutu. [DATA EXPUNGED]

A guy wearing an SCP-173 mask

A guy wearing an SCP-173 mask.

Missing! Stanley the SCP

A "Missing" poster of Budgielover2988's former pet, "Stanley", which is SCP-173.

edit Relationship with other SCPs

SCP-173 is usually an anit-social type of SCP, since he prefers being by himself rather than being with another SCP unless the SCP is female.. One time the people at the SCP Foundation did an experiment where SCP-173 was introduced to SCP-682. The result, they hated each other, mainly because their both anti-social SCPs and prefer being alone. Especially SCP-682. The people were thinking of making an experiment were they introduce SCP-173 to SCP-999, SCP-9999, SCP-9000, SCP-666, SCP-069, SCP-131, Chuck Norris and Weegee.
Weegee and SCP-173

A computer generated image of what the "SCP-173 meets Weegee" experiment might look like.

edit Relationship with Other Creepypastas

SCP-173 is a very famous creepypasta character, along with Slenderman, Splendorman, Trenderman, Enderman, Herobrine, Masky, Hoody, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Ben Drowned, Missingno, Lost Silver, Smile Dog, Suicide Mouse, Sqidward's Suicide, SCP-682, SCP-999, Cupcakes, Luna Game, and Zalgo. He is a very good friend with the listed creepypastas, and is good friend with all creepypastas.

edit In Captivity

SCP-173 doesn't like being kept in a cell all day. But since the foundation doesn't care about their SCPs, they won't listen to this poor creature's cries of help. After all, if you were kept in a cell all day, would you want freedom? This thing actually lost it's sanity due to being kept in a cell for 173 years. If you were kept in a cell all day, would you lose your sanity?

edit In Other Media

He was featured in Epic Rap Battle Parodies where a guy named Justin Buckner and voiced by Kyenza. He was also featured in the game SCP Containment Breach where he played as the main antgonist of the game. He was originally going to be the final boss of the game, but that idea was scrapped because the people who made that game were too lazy. He even had a song written about him called "The SCP-173 Song" by a YouTuber named GlennLeroi.
SCP-173 from Epic Rap Battle Parodies

How SCP-173 was portrayed in Epic Rap Battle Parodies.

edit Data Expunged

Data Expunged.

edit See Also

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