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Bronze Ent
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Political career
Order 69th President
Vice President Carrot Top
Term of office 2101–2109
Preceded by Conan O'Brien
Succeeded by James Hetfield
Political party Democrat
Personal details
Nationality American
Date of birth June 20, 2087
Place of birth The Moon
Date of death Immortal
Place of death N/A
First Lady Tyra Banks

Spanish inquisition BLASPHEMY!!!

God hath declared ye article BLASPHEMOUS!!!.
It shall be deleted and its author shall be smitten immediately. Thus spaketh the Lord.

Do something about ye problem or else we shall be forced to bring out...the comfy chair! Duh-duh-duh!

“A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith proves nothing”

Bronze Ent is a user and writer for Uncyclopedia.

edit Life Story, as if anyone cares

Bronze Ent , born Michael W███████, is a teenager who lives in Watertown, NY. My life isn't that interesting so lets make some shit up, shall we?

In the summer of 1990, Chuck Norris and Oprah gave birth to their first son, whom they named "Michael", he was a normal baby who weighed 11 lbs, 3 of which were his penis. He was raised in Watertown, Ny by invisable Zebra-Centaurs. Once he had mastered the skill of auto-falletio 14 years later, he ventured into life on his own. He traveled from NY all the way Ohio......By travelling east. He battled many androids, and faught many demon spawn on his journey, and with only an MP3 player with heavy metal songs on it, and 50 American dollars.

Did you know...
Bronze Ent doesn't care about <insert name here>

By the time he returned home 3 years later, he had slain over 207 demons, and 754 robots. He now resides in his mansion with his girlfriend Tyra Banks and his modest 311,181 Myspace friends.

edit Bands Bronze Ent Leiks

Pso racast

I love teh dancing robots!

Cyrex dance

edit Articles Bronze Ent has written

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