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“Genitive case... I wrote the book on mine! It's called... A View To My Balls.”
~ Oscar Wilde on his balls

“Testiculi famulae (The testicles of the female slave).”
~ Shit on genitive in latin.

The Genitive is a grammatical case for referring to one's jingly parts. It is commonly formed by speaking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in all languages but Finnish, because the Finns have no genitals, seeing how they reproduce by laying eggs into Finlandia Vodka and shipping it off to their Carribean neighbours, thus causing the anal Birth of little Finns in bathrooms from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

The History of the Genitive in Ancient Greece

Aristotle discovered the genitive in 370 BC. It was in his underpants. He tried to market it as a soft-drink at first, but people found it generally too salty. Then the Japanese invaded Greece in the Potato Wars of 355 BC and Aristotle forgot all about the genitive again, until his nephew Yuseff Stalin re-discovered it in 340 BC. It was still in Aristotle's underpants.

Modernday Usage by Greengrocer's and Wombats

Once it's sedative quality's were made public by Yuseff Stalin in he's smash-hit "Des Kapitals", the genitive soon conquered country's all over the world, including the United State's of Liechtenstein.

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