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You are in A void Reality

“I've never met a remixed peanut that couldn't sing La Bamba.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Brayds2006

“I think it is some type of PEZ dispenser”
~ Stephen Hawking on Oscar Wilde's Quote
“He declared war on Trash! We Attack Him!”
~ George W. Bush on The Meaning of Oil

Hi, i'm Brayds2006 and this is my page on Uncyclopedia.

About Me, yeah...uh...something like that, I suppose.

2 This user has written 2 articles because they like to keep busy while shirking real life responsibilities.

Articles Created

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  • Meat is eaten.
  • I am a person.
  • Lampshade.
  • 93% of people are decended from Fish. The other 7% are Aliens, find them and destroy them!...except for Mr Bean.

Poll of the Year

Are you the Walrus?

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The Custom Game

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