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<Savethemooses> I heard there was a party in here

<Braydie> yeah

<Boxofstuff> It left.

<Savethemooses> With like, pop tarts and stuff

<Savethemooses> and Dr. Pepper

<Savethemooses> Now that's my idea of a party

<Braydie> yeah, like fizzy drinks and stuff

<Savethemooses> With at least 23 flavours

<Braydie> 26 on a good day

<Savethemooses> So squiggle I have a problem with your minor edit to "Rest stop areas of Iowa"

<Savethemooses> It shows a strong POV in favor of the Cedar Rapids stop

<Squiggle> O rly?

<Savethemooses> strong POV in favor of the Cedar Rapids stop

<Sycorax> Rest stop areas of Iowa?

<Squiggle> That's a shame.

<Savethemooses> plus it violates WP:DPOT

<Squiggle> Your mom violates WP:DIGNITY

<Savethemooses> THAT IS UNCALLED FOR

<Boxofstuff> Can you two take this to a private chat?

<Chestinfection> Squiggle, no personal attacks.

<Chestinfection> The search on Res stop areas of Iowa came up with nothing.

<Savethemooses> WHAT!?! Who deleted it?

<Savethemooses> I was going to fix the WP:DPOT violation though!

<Braydie> Savethemooses: I did, non notable area

<Savethemooses> So you think Iowa is non-notable?

<Squiggle> Cedar Rapids rocks, fools

<Squiggle> You don't even know.

<Savethemooses> but you need a citation for that

<Squiggle> I had a citation, but the Cabal deleted it.

<Braydie> Savethemooses: Yes, and the WP:DPOT wasn't resolved with in 36 hours of me warning you.

<Savethemooses> well I believe WP:HYL allows me a grace period if I have to deal with WP:DPOT and WP:NPOV at the same time

<Braydie> No, that is a common mistake to make, you can't gain a grace period from WP:HYL

<Chestinfection> OK what article are you two EXACTLY talking about?

<Savethemooses> Chestinfection: I was trying to resolve WP:DPOT and WP:NPOV issues on an article, but it was deleted despite WP:HYL

<Squiggle> You guys and your Wps

<Squiggle> Where is the love?

<Squiggle> WP:LOVE

<keitei> that's wikilove to you, Squiggle

<Savethemooses> WP:LOVE was deleted after an overwhelming vote

<Braydie> Savethemooses: can we get back to the matter at hand please?

<Braydie> The WP:HYL

<Savethemooses> yes

<Savethemooses> let's get a moderator

<danni> Savethemooses, WP:WOTTA ?

<Squiggle> My edits were in support of WP:DON'T MAKE THE INTERNET SUCK

<Savethemooses> NO PERSONAL ATTACKS!

<danni> Squiggle

<Braydie> Savethemooses: If I hack up the page, do you think you can solve the WP:DPOT and the WP:NPOV?

<Squiggle> I say we delete the whole thing and begin a new society built on strong love of nature.

<Braydie> Squiggle: not an option

<Squiggle> Who's with me for the Revolution!

<Savethemooses> Braydie: I think I can solve WP:DPOT and WP:NPOV as long as I get a temporary suspension of WP:DKS

<danni> Savethemooses, errr WP:WOTTA ???

<Squiggle> But WP:DYKS is the framework for all civilizations!

<Braydie> Savethemooses: Let me think about it

<Codeine> Nah, that's WP:STFU

<Savethemooses> thanks

<Squiggle> Without it, we would be primitive ant eaters!

<Squiggle> You don't want to just throw away the spidery web of security and language, do you STM? DO YOU?

<Savethemooses> As long as I don't violate WP:LANG

<Squiggle> Besides, it does not violate Wikipedia:Depot under technical conditions under WP:FRUM

<Braydie> Savethemooses: You can have the page back, but I want the WP:NPOV and WP:DPOT cleared up straight away, and you will be put on the WP:SWATCH for pages like this in the future. You in addition will be removed from WP:DKS and WP:HYL.

<Squiggle> Maybe I should scratch the whole thing and move to Wikidepot in Wikia.

<Squiggle> Start a fresh life as a rural farmer.

<Squiggle> Braydie: Won't you think of the WP:CHILDREN?

<Braydie> Squiggle: In my view it doesn't work, what about you?

<Squiggle> I think that children are the future and smell like feathery pleasantness. You?



<Braydie> all of the above

<Codeine> He needs to check WP:FLAVOR first

<Squiggle> I agree with Braydie per WP:YUMMY.

<Squiggle> Although there is still the WP:DPOT violation to work out.

<Savethemooses> Braydie: Thanks, I'll do that

<Braydie> Savethemooses: Don't let it happen again.

<Savethemooses> Sorry for the delay, I was eating some ice cream

<Savethemooses> WP:DLIHA?

<Savethemooses> Ok.

<Squiggle> Savethemooses: That is in direct blasphemy towards WP:ICE CREAM

<Squiggle> And WP:DELAY.

<Savethemooses> No, I have a loophole under WP:DAIRY and WP:TYT

<Squiggle> You damn well better.

<Squiggle> I don't care about WP:TIT or whatever, the important thing is WP:DAIRY and WP:ICE CREAM.

<danni> Squiggle, you really want that with [[WP:BEANS]] ?

<Squiggle> So long as they conform to [[WP:HEALTH]] and [[WP:FART]].

<danni> Squiggle, aren't you worried you'll get Wikipedia:Adminitis ?

<Savethemooses> Now you people are being ridiculous!

<Squiggle> Nah, [[WP:WP]] has me covered.

<danni> Savethemooses, I'm funnier than you are

<Savethemooses> I wanted to resolve a real dispute concerning WP:DPOT!

<Savethemooses> and now it's a giant flea circus

<Squiggle> We are being [[WP:SERIOUS]].

<Savethemooses> Well it doesn't matter because Braydie resolved it

<danno> Squiggle, [[WP:REALLY]] ? :-)

<Codeine> WP:NOWAI

  • huge* man page...

<Squiggle> Braydie is a n00b who completely disregards [[WP:SILLY]]

<Savethemooses> huge man page?

<Savethemooses> uhmmm...

<Braydie> Squiggle: Be careful what you say

<Savethemooses> that violates WP:GROSS

<danni> it's a [[WP:DRAMA]] I tell you!

<Codeine> That's it, I'm filing an RFX

<Savethemooses> NO! NOT AN RFX!

<Codeine> YES!

<Savethemooses> NOOO!!!!

<Codeine> A request for Xylophones!

<Braydie> god... no..

<Savethemooses> Oh.

<Squiggle> Braydie: Come off it, you know that you are a rapscallion with no respect for Wikipedia OFFICIAL policy

<Squiggle> If it were up to you we'd all be feeling around in the dark.

<Mossa> Squiggle... stop.

<Codeine> Braydie hasn't even read WP:SCHWARZENEGGER

<Savethemooses> Mossa: Squiggle violated WP:DPOT

<Squiggle> Did not!

<Savethemooses> Did too

  • Mossa sighs

<Squiggle> Braydie started it with [[WP:STARTED IT]]

<Simon> What’s the GNAA and why doesn’t wikipedia have an article on it?

<Squiggle> GNAA = Gay Nigger Association of America, an organization that campaigns for civil rights.

<Braydie> Savethemooses: erm, please get that page sorted

<Savethemooses> alright, thanks Braydie

<Braydie> g2g

<Savethemooses> bye Braydie


<Savethemooses> Squiggle, that violates WP:GAY

<Savethemooses> I gotta go too

STM was kicked, before he could leave.

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