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Well, no matter how much we try to stop them, people keep trying to socially network around these parts. So, I have a proposal

edit The idea

edit UnPopularity

In a twist on the MySpace theme, you can make Enemies instead of friends. This reverse social-networking will be a round-about way of telling who's networking the most, as you cannot be making friends unless you're also making enemies (that's the theory, anyway). It is NOT to be a reward for trolling, any more than UGOTM is.

Everyone could automatically be an enemy of Spang (or Famine, I'm not sure which, yet), and get to add enemies as they go. They won't REALLY be making new enemies online, any more than you can really make new friends online. We'd probably have a link telling n00bs this for when they're panicking upon first entering the site and being told they already have enemies.

edit Why do this?

Well, social networks make websites grow, and this is a unique enough idea that I think it'd get us a little buzz, and I think the potential backlash against us could be minimal. Plus, it'd probably help keep the stupid off the site (those who leap to conclusions without actually thinking), which is also good.

edit How could we pull this off?

Ok, here it gets a little trickier, as I'm stupid and don't know too much about programming. I think if we set it up so everyone got a subpage to their userpage, with an "enemies" list on it, that could work. Maybe give them a tab at the top of their userpage, or whatever. Maybe have a notice like the "You have new messages" saying "You have new enemies!" I think most people are familiar enough with the MySpace friend system and the fact that we're a parody site to catch on to what's happening.

edit So, what do you think?

I couldn't possibly even start to do this. Leave comments, suggestions, or volunteer below.

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