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edit The competition

edit Who can enter?

All registered members of Uncyclopedia are encouraged to enter (so long as they are not judging that category). You may enter only once for every category for which you are eligible. If you wish to collaborate with other eligible contestants, you may do so, but that will count as your one entry in the category. Collaborative efforts will have to decide who is the "team leader," who will house the article on his/her name space and recieve the prize if your collaboration wins, at which point (it is assumed) s/he will distribute the winnings among the other members of the team. If a user wishes to enter in more than one category (for which s/he is eligable), s/he is welcome to do so, either collaborating or alone, but may only enter one per category. Two collaborations do not count as one entry, they count as two.

edit What is the Poo Lit Surprise?

A writing competition held twice a year. The winners recieve Poet Lowrate awards, an award of $25, and the hatred and jealousy of the rest of the entire Uncyclopedia community.

edit When is the PLS !!! going to be held?

  • From Jan 14 - Jan 27, entries will be accepted. (Note: ARTICLES POSTED TO UNCYCLOPEDIA BEFORE JAN 14 WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN)
  • From Jan 28 - Feb. 10, entries will be locked and judged.
  • From Feb. 11 - Feb. 17, winners will be announced, honorable mentions will be moved into the main space, and all entries will be unlocked.
  • Feb. 18, we will all get on with our lives.

edit Where should I put my entry?

The article should be place on your namespace. Between Jan 14 - and Jan 27, you should put a link to your article on the "entry" page. You should post a link to your page and sign as you would a forum post or vote. It should look somewhat like this:

or, in the case of collaboration:

edit Why are we doing this?

The PLS is a competition designed to jump-start writing quality at Uncyclopedia. After the previous two competitions, a significant number of featured articles for the following month were from the PLS, and it could be argued that the overall quality of featured articles increased. Aside from that, it's nice to get money for something that generally is solely done on a volunteer basis.

edit How are you gentlemen?

All your base are belong to us. You are already on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive, make your time. HAHAHAHA!

(Translation: Plagiarism is bad. If we discover your work is not original, you will be disqualified. Also, as you're working on your article, if you use the help pages pages like Reefer Desk, Image Request, and Pee Review, any help you get will have to be listed as collaborators [and you'll have to figure out how to share the money with everyone who helps you if you win]. Plus, if anyone helps you that's already collaborated on another article, your article will be disqualified (and the other may be as well, if it's determined it was done on purpose), so be very careful if you use those help pages. Thank you for understanding.)

edit Judges

edit Best Article

Note: All users may enter this category (except for the judges, of course)

edit Best Article by a N00b

Note: All users who's first contribution is after November 10, 2006 may enter this category.

edit Best Pictures

Note: All users may enter this category (except the judges). The entries will primarily be judged on how the pictures add to the humor of the page.

edit Best Rewrite

Note: All users may enter this category (except for the judges). Entries must be based on an article that is already on Uncyclopedia and will remain so through the PLS competition (so entrants are encouraged to choose the articles they rewrite wisely). Entries will be judged on both final quality and improvement over original article's quality.

edit Need Ideas?

Try UN:VITAL, Special:Wantedpages, Category:Rewrite, Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles, or Image Request, depending on what category you're entering.

edit Current Entries

Don't post stuff here yet, as anything posted before Jan. 14 will not be eligible to win diddly squat.

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