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Known languages English, bollocks
Born July 23, 1989
Died November 13, 31337
Weapons and powers speaking shite, the 80s, Sex with men, Donkey punching

Brad89(7/23/1989 - 11/13/31337) is a wannabe troll, professional Gav-lover, and former plank of wood.

edit At GameFAQs

Impressed by his sexual skills, CJayC gave Brad89 a donkey to play with. He also sent him and his new faction, the noob-jockey association, My Little Pony DVDs. What Brad89 didn't know was that they were really porn DVDs documenting the sexual expploits of GavLuvsGA and his band of shirt-lifting arse bandits. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Once Brad89 and his friends found this out, they got overexcited and posted crappy links to various sites trying to get kudos for sissy trolling. Now piss off and read something else! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GAVLUVSGA IS SUCH A TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit Death

Death is no escape.

edit Members of the N00b Killers

edit Enemies of the N00b Killers

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