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“Ned? Ned Ryerson?”
~ Phil Conners on Ned Ryerson
“Phil? Phil Conners?”
~ Ned Ryerson on Phil Conners
“After having his chest hair pulled, Box John Dell hit Bruce Lee so hard in the mouth that his people would never be able to speaking English properly. Engrish is Box John's way of saying, "Stop being a bitch Japan."”
~ A Random Quote on Box John Dell

Hi, I'm Box John Dell in Wiki form. I'm here just having some fun and writing some entertainment. Or at least I hope so.

edit Origin

Box John Dell in the really-real world is an actual cardboard box affixed with a Mulleted Prom Photo of some guy name Lled Nhoj. It's am amusing torment to say the least.

edit Contribs

So far I've made a few new pages:

I've also made some minor edits to Mullet. Hopefully I'll have some more in the near future.

And I have a few more ideas in the works

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