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edit Joseph "The Glavinator" Glave

Joseph Glave (02 Nov 1893 - Present) is a gravy fanatic from Middle Earth. Although he lives in Middle Earth he has welsh origins, being 11/20ths wales. He is most commonly associated for the "Joe Glave Fact File" although he has recently found fame campaigning against the abolition of 60's based cop drama Heartbeat.

edit Footballing Career

Glave's career as an amateur Footballer began when he met Gary Lineker, (made famous by the Walkers Crisps Television advert), at the age of 3.6. Following infamous confrontation, he immediately auditioned for his local team Alterac Valley Football Club, (more commonly known from the fan nickname "The Wood Pigeons"), from where he rose to fame. After working his way to captain of the squad, Joseph quit the club to pursue an acting career, appearing in cult hits such as "The Flinstones" and "Captain Scarlet"

edit Misc Facts

As well as being famed for his footballing career, both playing, and being a devoted supported of Bywater United F.C, currently sitting in The Shire 3rd Division, Joe Glave's name has been thrown around on Forums and Imageboards such as "[1]" (where internet sensations such as "Rick Rolling" and "Lolcats" first found fame). Due to this growing exposure, Rolf Harris has predicted "Joe Glave Facts" to be the next huge meme. On these user operated sites, the users reply to unrelated articles, usually as anonymous, with a "fact" about Joe Glave, although the authenticity of some of these "facts" have been questioned. These are some examples of the "facts" commonly found, and the context they are put in: Anon. posts Image of Nelson Mandella

     Reply from Anonymous:
      Joe Glave has Size 7 Feet
     Reply from Anonymous:
      Joe Glave does not fancy Pat Butcher (From UK soap opera Eastenders)
     Reply from Anonymous:
      i think joe glave is pretty cool guy. eh doesnt like princess margaret and doesnt afraid of anything

Anon. posts Question,

  Does anyone here know how many bicycles there are in Beijing?
     Reply from Charlie_69:
      The latest figures say it's 9 million, but they're aging now
     Reply from Anonymous:
      Joe Glave loves Scarves and wears his Jumpers inside out
     Reply to Anonymous:
      Oh rly? I know his favourite Takeaway is Tikka Masala.
     Reply from Charlie_69:
      I've done some more research there are 9.6 million bicycles
     Reply from Anonymous:
      Joe Glave has no specific opinion on the Chinese
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