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boon is the root word of the very important boontwiggle. the world is unsure yet of exactly what the boontwiggle is, but intense research is being undergone. there are many ways to discover the boontwiggle. you can directly contact it via 911, or you can summon it.

You may summon the boontwiggle by simply making a humming noise out of your left arm. if you are incapable of doing this, you may summon the boontwiggle to learn how.

The Dolly Lamma is also able to summon the boontwiggle. you may summon the Dolly Lamma by summoning the boontwiggle to summon the Dolly Lamma.

The whereabouts of the boontwiggle are unknown at this time, but studies indicate that it exists in and alternate dimension outside of planet Yargleflazzen, which is located 28 billion million 5 lightyears away. the easiest way to get there is to walk, or ride your magical unicorn if you have one.

Nothing actually happens upon summoning the boontwiggle, but if you do succeed in the act of summoning, then you will be transported to the land of pokemon. then upon arriving you will be eaten by a wild herd of pikachus.

Damn the negroes.

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