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Recently, I decided to leaf through my old archives. I looked at my old talk pages, recalled my first few contributions, and found the old pages I used to frequent most. This has made me realize one thing: I miss being new. There's nothing much like the feeling of having no responsibility (I didn't actually do anything useful back then, you see), messing around in the forums and on talk pages with the likes of Cajek, Dr. Skullthumper, and Unknown User. So I've decided to create this page, a collection of pages I can look at to give myself a good a laugh and make myself feel like an old hack.

edit User Talk Pages

User talk:Unknown user/archiveI
User talk:Unknown user/archiveII

User talk:Boomer/Archive1
User talk:Boomer/Archive2

User talk:Cajek/Archive11 User talk:Cajek/Pee

edit Forums

Forum:Vote Kalir for Grand High Pastamancer

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