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General status of Uncyclopedia

Statistic Amount
Articles on VFH 25
Articles on VFD 7
Pictures on VFP 11
Articles on Pee Review 12

edit Things with a VFD template that probably shouldn't have it

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edit Things with a VFH template that probably shouldn't have it

UnNews:Breaking News! Americanies are Just Plane Stoopid
UnNews:Congress votes to trademark 'United States of America'
Criticism of Uncyclopedia
UnNews:David Blaine surrounded and attacked by mythical creatures
HowTo:Disperse an angry mob of protesters
Fatima asks UnWikiAnswers
Flag Burning Amendment
UnNews:For dissatisfied offender, twice arrested may prove the charm
George Washington Carver
UnNews:Lance Armstrong: My Moped Shame
Miranda warning
Nobel Peace Prize
UnNews:Obama: should he be committed?
UnNews:Point-Counterpoint:Should American health care reform include a public option?
UnNews:Race for Pope brings forth some unusual candidates
UnNews:Riots spread across Arabia protesting American cinema
The Big Lebowski - A Network Television Premiere
The Great Spider Owl
UnNews:Tom Cruise proposes to Anderson Cooper
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Vanilla Ice-Cream
William Riker

edit Things with a VFP template that probably shouldn't have it

File:Muslim Sisterhood Chess pieces.png
File:Nigella Isn't Working.jpg
File:Stalin Jamming.gif
File:Vlad Tepes Ridiculous.jpg

edit Things both ICU'd and QVFD'd

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edit General Maintenance

  • Check Jesus, Satan and Black Jesus approved templates every once in a while
  • Spellchecking via random page button
  • Check Newpages
  • Check upload log for users that can be welcomed
  • Search items suck as Bold Text, Insert Link Title here, , Italic Text etc
  • Run random checks of recently uploaded images for porn and shock images
  • Check the new users log
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