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High time I cleaned this page up. Here's some of the stuff wot i rit.

  • Hedgehog religion - just the first bit though.
  • 2000 - seemed like a good idea at the time. Much like the year itself. No, I take that back. The year didn't seem like a good idea, even at the time.
  • Category:Category_of_all_categories_that_do_not_contain_themselves_as_members - damn, some foo deleted this. I shall have my revenge.
  • England - started out as a send-up of the stereotypical US view of Britain, then other people added more sensible stuff to it. Well, slightly more sensible stuff.
  • Liz Windsor - she's a good Sheila and not at all stuck up. The Gou'ald are the bad guys from my favourite concept-of-the-week sci-fi series Stargate SG-1.
  • Travis - not all that funny.
  • Swansea - dunno why it should be associated with beans, just some weird association that spewed forth from my head.
  • Sticks and Stones - A one-liner, but still makes me smile.
  • Yo Yo Ma - I'd love to see that TV show...
  • Things that happen - Why Marmalade? Why not? The "women laughing at squirrels" bit is quite good, I thought.
  • Black - Yeah well.
  • UK Monopolies Commission - oh dear, a bit ranty, this.
  • Welder switch - a real-life phenomenon, but somehow I didn't think it would last long on Wikipedia ("neologism, off with his head", etc.) so I adopted a weird bumbling style and just about got away with it.
  • Dumbocracy - another bit of real life intruding into Unc's carefully-crafted fantasy world. Sorry.
  • Blue tubes - I was going for a wistful, elegiac quality here. It didn't work out.
  • Alex Kingston - written in response to something in another entry saying she's hot. I like the "admin error" joke.
  • Daz Madrigal - Modern art is a terribly easy target, but I actually like the stuff lampooned in this article. Oblique references to Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Antony Gormley, probably the three biggest Brit artists as far as the general public is concerned.
  • Inch High Private Eye Meets Godzilla Again - best film title ever.
  • Film sequels - an excuse to use the previous joke again, really.
  • American Hall of American Halls of Fame of Fame - An obvious gag, but someone had to do it. I like the "No Rock, No Roll" gag. Also the "Daryl Hall of Fame" which someone else added.
  • Amalgamated Poxololeum - was going to be part of an article about the FTSE 100 share index but I couldn't think of 100 companies (I was pretty sure that it should include David Bowie, but that was about it), so it became this instead. Probably my best article so far, full of silliness.
  • Elephant blasting - a visual gag that doesn't work written down.
  • 17 - nothing to say about this.
  • Tina Turner - another one-liner, and another absolutely true intrusion from the Real World.
  • Maisie-Jayne Jenkins - I usually use obviously fake names, but for this I wanted something that sounds plausible but (as far as the major search engines are concerned) doesn't actually exist.
  • Bjørn Borg - First paragraph good, second paragraph strecthed the joke too far.
  • Sir James Dyson - Why the hell they deleted this is beyond me.
  • Grey squirrel - little bastards. When I was growing up you'd still see the occasional red squirrel around, but nowadays they've completely vanished.
  • The Color Purple - Oprah + Fidel Castro. Another piece of the great conspiracy falls into place.
  • Free - Yeah yeah.
  • Indigo Girls
  • Spaghetti
  • Pope Snookielumps XXV
  • Moby
  • EU Constitution
  • G
  • ID Cards
  • Charles Clarke
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