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NBC Chimes.

  • You are hacking.
  • Hacking is illegal.
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Hacker?

I am not a Hacker or a Hater.

  • But they are 2 things that I do.
  • 1. I Edit
  • 2. I go onto a Computer.
“Shut the ____ up.”
~ Hacker on User:Boisvert593

Hacked Up I mean Fucked Up.

Real Name: George Paul Boisvert
Fake Name: Jorge Greenwood
My Birthday is: 5/12/1988
IQ: 103
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Member since: November 2008
Favorite Article(s): The Biggest Loser (TV)
Favorite Uncyclopedia In-joke: Haters
Favorite Shows: Wheel of Fortune, Survivor, The Biggest Loser (TV).
Me Saying to the YouTubers: Hacking is illegal.
What do I think Pokemon Hacks are: illegal
Is a loser: No
Gay: No I am not.


Hoax Act Caught in the KKK



  • Nothing. CRACK is Crack.



I am Boisvert593.

  • 1. I was born in 1988.
  • 2. I kind of liking Uncyclopedia a lot.
  • 3. My Birthday is on May 12th.
  • 4. I Watched a Game Show but Someone hacked it.
  • 5. CBS Take a legal version of the Show called Survivor.
  • 6. Copyright is for Uncyclopedia's Copyleft.
  • 7. Always follow the law.
  • 8. The FCC wants people to censor the words on Uncyclopedia.

What I totally like

Pink CBS and Purple CBS


Ohhhhhh Yeah that's illegal.

  • 1. Pink and Purple CBS are in Love.
  • 2. Pink and Purple CBS are Hackers which it's illegal.
  • 3. Pink and Purple CBS have Sex and that's illegal too.
  • 4. Because if they do they will have a baby.
  • Note: If they have a baby. They will have another Color too.
  • Note: They will get caught by the cops too.

TBS is Very Unfunny

TBS Very Unfunny Logo

TBS Very Unfunny Logo. WOW!!!

So Unfunny is illegal. If I get Heads. -> Head on Then Put on Head On.

My Favourite Colours are:

Hacking and Editing Terms:

I am not being a dick LOL.

My Favorite Shows are:

The BIGGEST Gainer Season 1

The BIGGEST Gainer Logo

This is The BIGGEST Gainer Logo.

  • This season was filmed on 12/25/08 - 1/3/09
    • The Contestants:
  • 1. Santa Clause
  • 2. The Grinch
  • 3. Donald Trump
  • 4. Pikachu (Pokemon) 2nd Ep.
  • 5. WAMMY! 4th Ep.
        1. of Episodes: 7
    • Ep. #1.
  • 1. They all weigh in for the 1st time.
  • 2. They all eat for 5 Minutes.
  • 3. They all weigh in again.
  • 4. The BG Twist.
  • 5. None of would be going back to there job.
Started Weigh in Ep. #1 Ep. #2 Ep. #3 Ep. #4 Ep. #5 Ep. #6 Ep. #7 Total Gain in: Total
Santa Clause 350 |
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