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edit Welcome to Oblivion!

My name is Joe, lol. Yes, that's my last name. Lol. I prefer you pronounce it (el-oh-el) Got that? Good. Now, my great grandfather, Omg, Joe, was the greatest haxxor of the 1800's. Meaning he could multiply three digit numbers. My dad is a qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmoligist, or as you might call it, "English Teacher at Haxxor High." I go to Ohio State University. We pwn fuckin' Michigan. Can anybody get me a picture of a goat killing a fan of Satan's secret NCAA team (mentioned above) for me to put on here?

edit Why OSU pwns

Wanna know why we pwn, eh? It's because we're trained by JIM FUCKIN' TRESSEL! AHA! AHA! AHA! AHA! AHA! Ok, nuff impersonating Moe. Seriously though, the omly team I can admit defeat to is the Gators because I know that one of these days, Penn State, the suckiest team on earth, is going to pwn them. When the Gators get worse players. I'd never admit defeat to a team beaten by the gay dancing lions, or as mentioned earlier, Penn State. Man, I hate those two n's! Why couldn't they just settle for one? Well, I digress. We pwn.

edit Types of iPods

  • for OJ, the if iDidit pod
  • for medieval times, the thyPod
  • for men, the guyPod
  • for interviewers, the whyPod
  • for Lawyers, the liePod
  • for emos, the cryPod
  • for my math teacher Mr. O, the PiPod
  • for a mime, the pod
  • for an undertaker, the diePod
  • for a snowy owl, the i RLY?
  • for a stormtrooper, the tiePod

More to come! Suggestions welcome, I'll credit you!

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