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Rt Hon. Bob & Doug McKenzie
Position King of Canada, eh?
Predecessor: Alexander Keith and Johnny LaRue
Successor: We're, like, the current kings or something, eh?
Date of Births: We don't know, eh?
Place of Birth: We were borns at the Molson Brewery in London
Spouse: We don't have any spouses you see, but our dog

Househound is a great companion

Like, hoser ! Take off eh?! I don't know what else to talk aboot, so here's a link of some of the articles I either enjoy or have worked on over the last who knows how long Ive been here for.. eh.

edit Canadian Slang, eh?

  • Farmer vision - a television that only gets 2-4 television stations, over staticy air waves, the usuals are CBC, CTV, Global and the French CBC
  • Two Four - a 24 of beer, because, you know, Canadians love beer.
  • screw it for now, I'll add more later

edit The McKenzie Bros Guide to Visiting Canada

If you're, like, thinking of Coming to Canada, eh? And you know? Want to do Canadian things eh? This is a small list of like, stuff you should do, or try, or something, when you're in Canada:

  • Drink Kokanee and Alexander Keiths Beer
  • Eat Ketchup Chips
  • Mangez Poutine
  • Watch a hockey game
  • Watch the CBC
  • Eat Canadian Beef
  • Visit the Anne of Green Gables Tourist Site
  • Visit the Corner Gas TV set in Rouleau, Saskatchewan
  • More to like, come later, eh?
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