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The need for this list has been pretty much eliminated by the {{NRV}} template and the corresponding Worthless Articles category. But I'll hold on to it for no good reason, because I'm a pack rat.

edit Hit List

The following articles are like prisoners on death row, except that I'm the judge, jury, and executioner. They've earned a slight reprieve, probably because I've had too much tequila to remember to check the "Yes, delete this" checkbox. But once I sober up, they're outta here.

Moundface crap
(hopefully these kids will get bored and leave us alone)
Moundarianism at least it doesn't have the pic (yet)
Blærum got banned for vandalism, I'm w@tch1ng j00
The Hanras may be approved vanity, or maybe not,
we'll see how itchy my trigger finger is tomorrow.
Placid monkies definite crap links to Røyksund, pretty crappy
(but Kjell Magne Bondevik and Jens Stoltenberg are actual politicians)
Vaati, along with Gramatical comma and Third Fluffy Hat War
Pilgrim Fathers -- Fraggle Rock rocks!  But this article sucks. 1 week to get better.
Soul stealing electronics -- created by a logged in author, hope it finds its place.
The five books of algebra -- claims it'll be uploaded soon
Pimp my cow merge content into only referring article, Noord-Deurningen
Too much democracy pointless redirect, huff it tomorrow.
Posher has just a tiny bit of promise
Coleco Adam
Man in the moon

Results of searching on "http" (other than obvious QVFD's):

Yves Simon need to research a bit
IOOPWNBTD linked a little but may be huffable
Y helo thar
Free beer daughter says she likes it (sorta), so it gets a delay on its execution
Saint seiya
User:, User talk:, and Mclaughlin ryan
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