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Preppy Goth
Alternative names
Gothicanum Depressicum/Gaius Maximum
A hybrid of goths and emos
Country of origin
England, Romania.
Classification and breed standards
[1]: Goth-Emo Alliance
AKC: Toy Stds

Otherwise known as scene, this is the proper form of describing a person who is trying to be gothic AND emo and preppy. They tend to do it for the fashion statement.

The typical conversation betweens two is:

-Preppy Goth Guy: I like vampires!

-Preppy Goth Chick: Me too!

-Preppy Goth Guy: How cool would it be to be a vampire! I wanna be one!

-Preppy Goth Chick: I could fly!

-Preppy Goth Guy: And suck people's blood!

-Preppy Goth Chick: I'd suck my girlfriend's blood!

-Preppy Goth Guy: Me too!

-Chorus: YAY!

It's scary stuff, man.

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