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Sir Horace Manuel Cunterstone (1609-1654) was a knight, most commonly associated with the invention of the modern Door Handle.

edit Early life and education

Absolutely nothing is yet known about his early life or education.

edit The Al-dzi\Cunterstone controversy

Despite some sterling feats of valour in his youth, Cunterstone is best remembered for modernising and re-inventing the Door Handle, a device first officially blueprinted by Islamic prayer-scientagician Ib Al-dzi which then became adapted as a staple weapon of the British army.

Towards the end of the Buckle conflict, Cunterstone had fallen out of favour with the King after vocally announcing himself to be a fan of large, irregularly shaped stones. He slid into decline, spending his money on cheap wine and cheaper whores, until he fell into his own front door whilst holding his military-issue handle. Cunterstone cracked his head on the doorframe, and upon regaining consciousness found that he had sketched out the prototype for the first, publicly-targeted door handle.

The king returned Cunterstone to his favour, and he remains well-known to this day.

Ib Al-dzi, on the other hand, is known only to a few esoteric historians. He took his own life in 1618 after seeing the use to which his work had been put, and Cunterstone has never mentioned him.

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