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Prorick Listen kids
Bomb-laying master of oblivion Rick here! You know how much I love to dig the kids and the scene, righty?
So love this article like the free-thinking, clean-bottom anarchists that you are. Don't be a fascist Thatcher on Rick, k kids?!


Oh Look you Found a Seceret

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Bloroninblorchspit.


I have left this awful place, for looking back at the heinous acts I've done on this site, and just a plain disgrace to my intelligence, the Zim fandom and really just life in general........ Goodbye, I may return one day..... but it shall not be as Bloroninblorchspit!

And no, no one has pointed out this fact, I realized it a long time ago, but to anyone who crosses this retarded page, I'm sorry have I infringed on your copyright or anything..... blah blah.... My shit was probably just my own way of advertising my poorly thought up fanfictions, thats what is for........ So long assholes!

User:MisterBladez636 is my new domain, so go bitch to that account now for what idiotic shit i've done in the past!

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