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~ Oscar Wilde on Thomas the Tank Engine

“Disgraceful! Disgusting! Despicable!”
~ Gordon, Henry and James on The Obese Controller's Eating Habits
“What's a Parody?”
~ Percy the Small Engine on Uncyclopedia
“You have caused Confusion and Delay!”
~ The Obese Controller on Uncyclopedia
“It's Hell- it's Hell- it's helpful to our youth...”
~ Stevie the Steam Train on Thomas the Tank Engine
“Beg Pardon Sir, but Its Funny!”
~ Duck the Western Engine on Uncyclopedia

Thomas is shown demonstrating the moral at the end of Thomas runs over the Obese Controller.

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Afghanistan map

The Dangerous Uncyclopedia Railway.


And at Wiki Rail, You're Always Lost!!!

edit The Fictional World In The Show

Thomas the Tank Engine(Pronounced Tho-maz tuh he Eensjiene) is an anthropomorphic tank engine which often operates on the uncyclopedia railway,and destroys the other engines from the "other railway"(Wiki rail)

Thomas The Tank Engine is the most famous fictional blue talking steam engine in the world, and is more popular than even the Flying Scotsman, which, as every child knows, doesn't have a face, doesn't talk, and never falls down black holes in amusing ways.

When Thomas hits the buffers, instead of the driver being suspended on full pay, pending a full enquiry and drug-test results, a short fat man in a top hat will talk sternly to the locomotive whilst standing on an orange box and will say "Thomas, you have caused confusion and delay!" The engine will be taken out of service and made to shunt trucks until it is sorry. Only then will it be allowed back on the main line to be a Really Useful Engine again.

When a driver hits the drink he does not become a dead wreck but in fact inflates until he is fat, is given a job ordering trains from an orange box, and becomes red in the face. This was the fate of Adolf "Obesse controller" hitler,who ran alongside the trains screaming at their unresponsive faces searching desperately for the meaning of death, until he was tragically crushed by Oliver

XBOX controller

The original Fat Controller


The Obese controller's corpse, Jim Walters of Wikipedia!


Oh no Children,Thomas has been naughty with the explosives at the airport.

edit Thomas' Railway Line In The Show

For Years the Humor Deprived States of the North have been supplied with much needed Humor by the Southern states where Humor is so pleniful that it literally grows on Trees.

The Scarily faced Thomas the Tank Engine patrols this stretch of line screaming in his Ringo Starr Voice at anyone attempting to cross at a point which isn't a signal. He kills anyone in his way, including the OBESE Controller

edit Characters

437005402 l

Myspace Thomas the Tank Engine

Tony Blair

Tony Blair has recently joined the Island's Engine Army. Note Percy - a Green Party member - similing in the very back...

As in the name, the main character is Thomas, a bratty, blue tank engine. Thomas has the honor of pulling his hos, Annie and Clarabel. Various Christian groups have confused Thomas with Satan and have petitioned to ban him from US television. However, PBS have dismissed this and defended their move to give the beloved main character horns and goat legs.

Percy the stereotypical green loaner of the company. He was fooled by the Obese Controller into thinking pulling trucks and carts was a privilege and quite frankly deserves all he gets. Crap.

The Trucks. As their name suggests, they like Truckin',and running away from their trains,constantly wrecking through level crossings,and hitting other engines,until they are forced into a muddy pond.

Gordon is 15 miles long and pulls the hottest prostitute in the land, The Express. Shouts swear words at the children making them cry. REcently became Prime Minister of the Railway.

  • James the Obsessive-Compulsive Steam Engine

James giving the Trucks and Anal Rape after finding out that they had Sex with his Gay Partner.

Train rape

"Edward," Said Sir Adolf Hitler,"You must get Me,50 cheeseburgers,41 French Fries,10 Whores, and Some Food AND FAST!!!James, You can just Take the Shit Train.(Scene from "Edward helps Out".)

  • Trevor the Sicko Tractor Engine
  • Henry the Hypochondriac Engine
  • Ian the Moronic Engine
  • Oliver the Well-Centered Western Engine.
  • Rusty the Womanizing Engine.
  • Duncan another swearing engine, he was banished for his hate speeches
  • Dan the Diesel
  • Herman the Compulsive Gambler Train, who spends most of his time gambling coal at the Vegas station
  • Stepney the engine with a sexual identity crisis, but the other engines just call him "homo". This is bad, but hey, it's inherited, right? Like, "Hey, homo!" or "Homo, why don't you bring your gay and lesbian friends and let's have a party?"
  • Murdoch the Weirdo. He is a weirdo. Period.
  • Spencer the Also Weirdo.
  • Emily, Thomas' on/off girlfriend, making Annie and Clarabel jealous...
  • Peter Sam, the jinxed engine. He has an on/off relationship with Female Rusty. He was once named Stuart, but he changed it when he learned Rusty's mother was named Stuart.
  • Sir Handel, the Avant-Garde German Composer Engine. He was just called Handel but he was knighted by the Queen after saving the Obese Controller from the Scrap Men.
  • Skarloey the Welsh Engine. The other Engines tease him by doing the Welsh scream from Dirty Sanchez. He appeared later in the spin off show, The Narrow Gauge Railway.
  • Rheneas, Skarloey's old brother possessed by a young child.
  • Mighty Mac, the Siamese twins.
Mighty Mac

Mighty has undergone plastic surgery for a lookalike contest for Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  • George the Steamroller (See Malcolm).
  • Cranky the Nicotine-Addicted Crane. He routinely steals the Obese Controller's cigarettes.
Thomas & The New Engine

"Sorry, Neville, I don't believe in interracial dating..."

  • Bertie the Bus (See Murdoch).
  • Bulgy the Bus. Unlike Bertie he is not an idiot and is a member of the Scrap Men.
  • Iron Bert. He is a member of the Scrap Men along with his twin brother, Iron 'arry
  • Iron 'arry (see Iron Bert).
  • Diesel. He is second in command of the Scrap Men and is a friend of Bulgy. He longs to be the captain of the Scrap Men and have his own dictator-style desert island like the Obese Controller.
  • Diesel 10. He is the captian of the Scrap Men and is an Absolute Maniac. No, he really is!
  • Splatter. He is a minor member of the Scrap Men and does Diesel 10's evil bidding.
  • Dodge (see Splatter).
  • Neville the Black Engine
  • Lady Controller. The Tonned Controller's ex. She hates him for being horrible to the Engines (the nice way to put it!).
  • Jinty the Steroid-Using Tank Engine
  • Mikey the Swearing Engine
  • Masoch the Masochistic Engine
  • Curtis the Pimp Engine
  • Bill and Ben, the gay Engines who transport cargo from the Isle of Sod to the England
  • Sod Bay, the tugboat who always has to help the dumbass Engines when they fall into water off bridges or fall off the tracks
  • The Flying Irishman, a constantly-drunken engine from County Cork
  • Derek the Mentally Retarded Engine (also known as 'Derek the VERY Special Engine')
  • Bertram the Voyeur Engine
  • Smudger the Sexually Confused Engine (not to be confused with Stepney the Homosexual Engine;Smudger thinks he's a lesbian)
  • Duck the Well-Endowed Western Engine.He lives in a pond with other "Ducks"
  • Lady the Extremely Easy Engine. A prostitute in everything but name; at one point she was having relations, so to speak, with every engine on the Sodor Line. She even opened her vent to the Fat Controller one drunken night
  • Bulski the Russian double decker bus.He says "Ski"after every few words.Like "Helloski."

Stevie is worried when he sees Obese Controller walked towards him with silverware...

  • Freddie Bob, the depressed engine.
  • Stevie the steam train,who stutters badly at inapropriate of moments
  • Ernest the Engine

Gail and Ernest prepare to attack Thomas

  • Gail The gaurds compartment
  • Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister Engine. 'Nuff said.
  • Toad the Brakevan
  • Hitler,as the Obesse Controler!!!!!!! He Will shoot us all if he didn't get his 15 breakfasts, 30 lunches, and 50 dinners every hour!
  • Rick the diesel shunter.Known to be friends with Marty.
  • Marty the steam shunter.Known to be friends with Rick.
  • Molly The Yellow Female Engine with a man face
  • The railway inspector A.K.A. Saddam Hussein
  • Tom the hippie who protests about "Our tax money being thrown away for a railway"It's ammazing how he can fit that on one protest banner!
  • Toby the very, very old Tram Engine
  • Jim Walters of Wikipedia Rail. He's rumored to be the Obesse Controller in a fake Goattee, Due to the german accent.
  • Hiro,the black Japanese engine
  • Victor (see Murdoch)
  • Kevin the stupid crane
  • Bash and Dash (see Bill and Ben)
  • Ferdinand,the retard.
  • Scruff (see Ian)
  • Den and Dart (see Bash and Dash)
  • Belle,the prostitute
  • Flynn,the weird Fire engine

edit The Story

Train kill 1

"Look Out!!!" Said Dan's Driver, But it was too late...

In the year 2000 the traditional "Trad" story was upgraded so that the whole world would not have to think and could be be bling and hip. This is the new story:

In circa 200,000 BCE, the Obese Controller decided to organise vicious gang of trains on the streets of New Orleans, Buckinghamshire. The gang's dominant areas were in pimping and taking other rails by force. They would grow to rival the famed Virgin gang and would eventually surpass their technology with the advent of gunpowder in 1939. The Obese Controller set up his 'turf' on the Isle of Sod, where he brought in immigrant trains with disturbingly happy faces and broken English and turned them into lean, mean, pimping machines. Also in one famous series a mystery rapist was going round Sodor sexually abusing the engines. In the final episode of season 1, it came out that it was Gordon. As Thomas put it I always thought he was a bit sleazy!

Thomas was to rule his own Branch Line, a land of druggies and dealers. He set off to find two coaches to be his transport. He met Annie and Clarabel. The historical chat log is as follows.

++++ You have entered room:DirtyEngineXXX#. Today's topic is "ENJOY YOURSELVES!" ++++

Thomas488829: Yo, u niggaz up 4 sum coachin???????????????


SxyClarabel75: omg lol u r th gayzzz!!!!

Thomas488829: shut yo face mofo

[Thomas488829 has left room:DirtyEngineXXX#]

edit Liquidation

Crash 1

...Luckilly, Nobody was Hurt...

However, all was not well in the Isle of Sod. Due to the British Government's poor transport funding, the Obese controller eventually lost the rights to his locomotives company, which went into liquidation. Thomas was sold off for scrap and his carcass has been spotted in Bangladesh, where he currently serves as a housing estate. Annie's current whereabouts are unknown, but rumours of her engagement to Stevie Wonder are not unfounded. Clarabel went on the run after her long career of prostitution was discovered by the local police.

Ever since, British tabloid papers such as The Sun have seized the opportunity to make tasteless headlines such as 'Runaway Train!' and 'FORMER CARRIAGE IN SEX SCANDAL HORROR - WE BLAME PRINCE HARRY'.

edit The Other Thomas


This crane learned not to call Thomas names when he's delivering explosives.


The Obesse Controller's food factory plan, but Thomas Accidently burned it.

Contrary to popular belief, Thomas the Tank Engine did not orginate as a children's T.V. show thought up by some British blokes, though the lying bastards may tell you that. Thomas the Tank Engine actually refers to a famous Korean sumo wrestler in the 1970s, known as 'Thomas the Tank Engine'. His Korean name is gibberish, so forget it. He was known for his massive size, and for the epic championship round for the 'bacon belt' against Fat Bastard. He was the winner of the round, and became the national hero of Korea for like, two weeks. Fat Bastard was a bitter son of a bitch and convinced Thomas to try baby, the other, other white meat. Thomas tried to eat it, but had a heart attack and died

edit Thomas's Drug Abuse And Departure

In 1998, copies of the Rev. W. Awdry's scripts were found in his grave, when some people dug it up for a joke. They involved Thomas's drug abuse (mainly heroine and cocaine) causing a row with James the Red Engine. The scenes closed with Thomas choking on his own fumes, when he wired his funnel to his burner to try and heighten masturbation pleasure. Thomas was to leave the show after overdosing on marker pens, whilst face-fucking Annie and Clarabel (his faithful sex coaches). A re-write was in order, and the good ol' Rev had one ready. The character of Thomas was to be replaced with Bernard Manning, to give the show a more biting edge. The script entitled 'Bernard the Fat Engine and Useless Jerks', involved Bernard himself shouting racist remarks including 'Fuzz Wodger' and 'Candy round bastard' at Toby, the newly renamed 'Brown Engine'. Unfortunately for Bernard, the scripts were taken to the grave with Reverand Orgy, and he was never given a part. Thomas lives on today ferrying cartons of farts from Willington in Derbyshire, to Grimsby, where they are stored and analysed in an attempt to crack the Enigma Code. Thomas also enjoys his hobbies of quilt-dressing and parrot-hounding.


The Railway Inspector showing his engine-tourture devices.

edit Edward (The Blue Engine) And His Relationship With Richard Gere

Big Mao

Even after the railway's liquidation, the Controller patrolled his tunnels.

Mistaken for the role in the X-Files as the bloke agent (not the one that looks like a man the real one), Richard Gere's career soared, and eventually met Edward at a Shaft convention in 1922. Gere (born 1643) wooed Edward with a Ferrari which Edward gave to Thomas who wrote it off during a 14 hour police chase. Edward and Richard had 5 children (3 of which were black and one of which was green (see Gere-Percy Scandal) and one of which fell out of a tree and broke its funnel, leaving it to suffocate). The divorce which followed in 1994 led Edward to drink and 'Misadventurous Spaz Running' which left Edward's boiler severely under-bitched. He left the show when Gere sued him for 'sass-riding' outside his home in Gollopsteriptonville, Iowa. Edward died in 1996 after a severe dismantling, his body sits next to Lenin's in the Kremlin.

edit Gordon's Solo Career

In 1861, Gordon launched his solo career by founding a Gin brewery in Tunbridge Wells. After having no less than 12 hit singles during the 80's, he was publicly humiliated when news of his alleged affair with America's First Lady circulated among the media. Unfortunately, 20 years after his shameful exit from show business, Gordon committed suicide on 10th October, 1492. His son Ogadei went on to establish the Khanate of the Golden Horde, but this was short lived due to complaints from others in the neighbourhood.

edit Where are They Now?


Tired of all of the crap that they were fed about "confusion and delay", James finally busts his boiler.

Many believe that the coal featured in the final episode of the Season is what led to the untimely scrapping of the star. Anyway, all the episodes written in this colour were heavily edited after the finale and reaired as a new show. All the other episodes were stored away to be eventually redubbed as a documentary on Chinese labour.

On the Isle of Sod(or) today, the new and brightly coloured engines run the line to attract children and consumers. The original actors are scattered in places including Scrapyards, Aisan Factories, Rehab Centres, Garbage Plants and the Obese Controller's stomach. Speaking of which, the Railway Chairman went down with James as he fell from a broken bridge. His last meal was a week long.

Pierce Brosnan is about to narrate new stories featuring the bright puffballs that teach morals and business ethics. He'll follow in the tracks of bad pun makers,George Carlin and Ringo.

edit Did You Know?

  • The Obese Controller did not appear in the last 10 episodes of Season 2 as he was found to be conducting 'lewd' sexual acts on Thomas and his friends.
  • People believe Shakespeare was inspired to write many of his great works after he has watched Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • 80 000 children around Britain experienced epileptic fits after watching an episode where the constant flashing of the fire in Thomas'fire box was shown
  • When questioned about the reason he ceased sexual abusing the engines, the Fat Controller replied that they simply did not have reproductive organs. The Controller had instead been using Thomas's gears and various knobs to suffice.
  • After their break up Lady Controller went off with another railway owner, Sir Topham Hatt. Their location is currently unknown but is said to be in Nashville, Tenesee.
  • HiT Entertainment currently owns Thomas.Thomas and his Friends/Enimies Vowed revenge against HiT ever since...

edit Lost Episode

George Carlin's narration has been detested by PBS for his overuse of swearing. The flipping episode was censored to nothing but beeping and clucking sounds, but was kept for the good of Uncyclopedia - to teach kids what REALLY happened. A rare but censored version of the episode can be seen here:

edit Quotes


The Obese Controller, founder of the Fourth Reich,and Uncyclopedia Railway.


Then There was Trouble...


  • THE OBESE CONTROLLER: Thomas, I want to make love to you.
  • THOMAS: (Looks down at his underside) But I don't have a rod.
  • JAMES: Hey, homo!
  • STEPNEY: I'm no homo! Stop callin me homo!

(Scene changes later that night, where Stepney is having sex with a man AND a woman)

  • STEPNEY: (To James): See, I'm not a homo, I'm a bisexual! See! BIG Difference!
  • THOMAS: Hey kids, its that time again! It's time to smoke some pot and screw with our hos!
  • Michael Jackson: Hey, Thomas!
  • THOMAS: Michael Jackson? What the fuck are you doing here?
  • Michael Jackson: I'm havin' fun!
  • THOMAS: Ohhhhh. Hey, take the kids into the "the" room for some *fun* party games.
  • KIDS: Oh boy! Yayy!

(From "Off the Sheds")

  • Oliver: Ernest, where's fatty?
  • Ernest: Hmmm...Did you check Burger Shot?
  • Oliver: Yes. He's not there.
  • Ernest: Mc Sticks? Cluckin' Bell? The Truck Stop?
  • Oliver: Not there,there,or there.
  • Ernest: Oh dear. We must find him!
  • (the obesse controller falls through shed)
  • Ernest: I'll check the sheds! (Backs up, runs over fatty.)

Thomas & Friends Hards-to-Find VHS

  • Edward Goes Emo & Other Stories
  • Rescues, Runaways, and Racists and other stories
  • Remembering Christopher Awdry and other Christopher Awdry Memories
  • Remembering Rev W. Awdry and other Rev W. Awdry Memories
  • Stevies Condom Crash and other Stories
  • Ernest and the magic branchline
  • Sod Bay sinks and meets a mermaid,but soon floats up,gets pissed,causes a riot,and other stories

edit Episodes

Season 1:
Spainexplo cp 5578800

Luckily nobody was hurt...

  • Edward Helps Out: its a long day. edward has to do everyones work while the engines skip work to go to the disco.
  • Thomas's Train:Thomas takes a train.
  • Stevie's Predicament: Stevie promises to take Ernest's kids back home while nazi pirates were trying to derail him and kill everyone!!!
  • Peter Sam Goes to Svalbard: Peter Sam takes a vacation.
  • Off the Sheds: The obesse controller is sad, somebody stole his candy and he commits suicide by jumping off the sheds!
  • The Shed Massacre: the railway inspector is not pleased with the engines, and tries to kill them!!!
  • Jomes James: everybody finds out james is gay and everyone calls him jomes.
  • Bertie's Chase: Bertie got a new machine gun mounted on his roof,and he wants to show Ernest...
  • Saved from Scrap: Ernest saves a truck from scrap.
  • Thomas's Blingin' New Trucks!: Thomas gets new trucks.
  • Thomas and the Conductor: Thomas leaves his Conductor behind because somebody left crack at the next station.
  • The Flying Kipper: Henry crashes a fish train.
  • Toad Cuts the Cheese: Toad the brakevan farts, causing confusion, and delay!!!

Season 2:

  • The Trial: a lawsuit.
  • Oliver and the Repair Yard: Oliver is sick,so he goes to a repair yard.Little does he know it's a scrapyard...But he's Saved!!!
  • Mikey the Swearing Engine: A new engine named Mikey comes to the island, and he swears!!!
  • Ernest's Noseless Day: Ernest has No Nose!!!
  • Oliver Comes to Tea: Oliver wrecks into the Obese Controller's Reich house at teatime!!!
  • Rheneas Knows Good: Rheneas does good things.
  • Scarface the Made Engine: An engine comes to the Isle of Sod, but leaves.
  • Oliver's Racist Snowman: A nazi snowman follows oliver around.little deos oliver know that the snowman is a baloon tred around his buffers!
  • Diesel's Guide to Dating: Obvious.
  • The Railway Inspector: The railway inspector comes.
  • James and the Young Ones: James hangs at Never Never Land
  • Stepney Comes Out of the Closet: Obvious.
  • Thomas and the Pub: Thomas goes to a bar.

Season 3:

  • Stepney Goes Back Inside the Closet: Obvious
  • The Way Thomas Was Blue...: How thomas got Blue
  • Rhebneas Falls Off a Bridge and Dies: Obvious.
  • Just kidding, RheneAs is OK.: Rheneas goes to the Hospital.
  • If Whishes Were Trees: Somthing bad Happens.
  • Crying over spilled milk: Oliver cries over spilled Milk
  • Diasy the Stereotypical Diesel: Daisy is Stereotypical
  • Rusty and the Bomber: Rusty comes across a terrorist
  • Why Thomas Laughs At Your Mistakes: Why God,Why does he Laugh?
  • Despite for the Diesels: The engines despite the diesels from the Other Railway.
  • A Visit From Hitler: The engines find out the Obesse controller is Hitler's Cousin.
  • Thomas Runs Over the Obese Controller (2-part Season finale): He tries to, But he never Dies !!!

Season 4:

  • Diasy and the Blue Chicken: Daisy finds a Zombie Chicken that can turn its head 360 degrees!!! Oh Noes!!!
  • Oliver gets the Bird: Oliver's Fireman mistakes Oliver's Whistle for a bird call. Then, the birds come...
  • Thomas the Youtube Engine: nothing but pure funny.
  • Edward the Great: Obvious
  • Stevie takes Plunge: Stevie falls into the Sea!!!
  • Chickens to School: Thomas gets a mix-up.
  • AAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA!: translation - Thomas joins Uncyclopedia
  • Tuneful Toots: Rusty eats beans
  • The Haunted Scrapyard:Stevie warns Ernest about a scrapyard.Ernest doesn't listen. What will happen!?
  • The Obesse Controller's Big Secret: Fatty has a big secret.
  • Thomas and the TV Producer: OH NOES!!!
  • Henry Hides the Lard: Henry protects the lard farm from the Obese Controller.
  • Peter Sam and Rusty: Luckily, Rusty's gender change kept PBS from deleting this episode...

Season 5:

  • Thomas Meets Freddie Bob: Obvious.
  • Freddie Bob Finds True Love: Also obvious.
  • Duncan and the Propaganda: Duncan attempts to stop the Diesels from running his line.
  • Hell and Back: Mikey the Swearing Engine takes a Special train to Hell and Back
  • Busy going Backwards: Toad the Brakevan Sees some amazing things going backwards...
  • Oliver's Find: Oliver finds a Very Special Place.
  • Supply and Demand: The Obesse Controller Demands Food, and the engines supply it.A great way to show how an industry Works!
  • Fattys Search: The Obesse Controller Searches for who ate the last Sausage, so he can Kill Him!
  • World War 3: The Obesse Controller's Death Squads Search the engine's sheds for food to give to fatty.
  • Army Recuit: The gang needs more money, So they Join the Army, and Take down the Obesse Man.
  • Railway Inspector - THE RECKONING!!!: While fatty got Shot in the last episode so far, he's at the hospital and the Railway Inspector Runs the Railway. Double Oh Noes!!
  • Ernest and the Magic Branchline(2 part Season finale): Ernest and The Gang find A magic, Secret Branchline.

Season 6:

Season 7:

  • Thomas to the Rescue: Thomas rescues the captives of Michael Brandon.
  • Diesel and the Racists: The diesel minority rebel against the Isle's racists.
  • Harvey and the Ikea Route: Harvey buys an oddly named piece of furniture.
  • Salty's Lighthouse: Salty does things to the tugboats. TRIPLE OH NOES!!!!!
  • Boo Boo Choo Choo: Thomas, James (AKA Jomes) and Percy take a train across the haunted branch line.
  • Civil War: Skarloey convinces the little engines to separate from the Obese Controller's line.
  • The Narrow Gauge Railway: All does not go well in the new government formed by Rusty, Peter Sam, Rheneas and the others...
  • The Runaway Elephant: Duncan unleashes an elephant on the Obese Controller's section of the Isle.
  • Gordon Goes Foreign: The Prime Minister goes to the Narrow Gauge Line to meet with Skarloey's board.
  • The Thin Controller: The little engines clone the Obese Controller and slim him into the Emaciated Controller.
  • Mighty Mac: The Emaciated Controller buys Mighty Mac, a pair of Siamese twins!!
  • Thomas's Day Off: Thomas heads to a "special place" on his day off, but is delayed by Dennis the lethargic engine.
  • The Concert: Emily becomes a Black Eyed Peas fan.

Season 8:

  • Blue Moon: The Emaciated controller finds a Mc Donalds,And goes back to the Obese Controller
  • Too Hot for Thomas: Fatty makes a Global Warming machine...
  • You Can Do It Toby: Toby found a girlfriend, and needs help.
  • James Goes Too Far: James finds a new part of the line, and goes too far...
  • Peace & Quiet: Stepney hunts for a good place to be 'alone'...
  • Fish: Rick and Marty take a fish train up a hill...
  • Thomas & The Circus: Evil Clowns escape from the Circus
  • Thomas Gets it Right: FINALLY!!!
  • Don't Tell Thomas: Emily finds a new boyfriend,but What will Thomas Say!?
  • Duncan's Bluff: Duncan lies to Thomas that he is now dating Emily.
  • 100th Episode: YAY!!! The engines throw a beer party
  • Thomas and the Tube: Thomas sues Youtube for illegally uploading episodes from Seasons 1-7.
  • Three Cheers for Thomas: The case was won!

Season 9:

  • Thomas and the Rainbow: Don't ask!!
  • Pwn3d!: Thomas gets pwn3d.
  • Toby Feels Left Out: It's love season and Toby's girlfriend just dumped him.
  • Fatty's New Grue: The Obese Controller buys a pet Grue!
  • Thomas and the Toy Shop: thomas and Jacko set up a trap for the children.
  • Rheneas and the Dinosaur: The fued continues when Rheneas reanimates a dinosaur to attack Thomas' line..
  • A Smooth Ride: Rusty is caught with Sir Handel - cheating on Peter Sam!!!
  • Special Funnel: Peter Sam brags about his funnel being the biggest.
  • Emily Knows Best: Emily decides to go back to Thomas, proving she doesn't know best.
  • New Employee: The Obesse Controller Hires Fidel To be the Vice Racist.
  • Bumper Sticker: The engines get Bumper Stickers.
  • Atlantis: Mikey the Swearing Engine Sinks, finding atlantis, but soon floats up.
  • Scarface-the world is His: Scarface the Made Engine is Back!!!

Season 10:

Season 11:

  • McDonald's: Ronald McDonald attempts to take control of the line, so the Obese Controller challenges him to an eating contest. Guess who wins.
  • Songs: Thomas and Emily are trying to get into It Takes Two, by singing "Country Roads"...
  • Toby, James and the Ideas: Toby thinks James is a Racist by saying He Hates trucks,but Stevie thought he said he Hated Black People.
  • Search Engine: Thomas Overhears Buisness People, and He Starts a new Search Engine "Engine-Google".
  • Gun Gallore: Gordon Starts collecting guns.
  • Henry goes to Rehab: No Wonder he's always sick-Meth!!!
  • A Close Shave: Duck has to think of an excuse for his razor cut.
  • Pimp My Engine: Thomas, James and Percy go for a repaint.
  • Duncan's Evil Plot: Sir Handel teams up with Duncan, who plans to separate Mighty and Mac.
  • Diesel Does It Again: Obvious.
  • Pirate's Life For Salty: Salty unfortunately stayed too late at the nearby pub.
  • Refreshing Steam: Thomas secretly had his water tank filled with beer the night before.
  • Refreshing Steam Part 2: The engines steal Thomas' idea, and the Island starts falling apart!

Season 12:


"Don't worry, Edward", said the Railway Chairman, "I would never scrap you".

  • The Thomas Crown Affair: The first episode with Pierce Brosnan as narrator.
  • Toad Stands By: Toad Stands By When Oliver is thrown into Iraq.
  • Escape: Oliver and Toad Escape from fattys scrapyard because fatty wanted to turn them into a nice Grill.
  • Sodor War 1: The narrow gauge engines start a war with the Obesse Controller.
  • Thomas and Gordon: Thomas gives somthing to Gordon...
  • Come Out Henry!!!: Henry won't come out of the tunnel because Sir Adolf Hitler will Eat Him.
  • Oliver Owns up: Oliver gets pushed into the Turntable because he didn't pay off his loan.

NOTE: Episode titles written in red are the ones that were left on TV. The ones in blue (the working hyperlinks) were banned later on. All others were banned immediately. Ones that are partially blue were also banned on site.

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Half of these Protesters are Gone,Thanks to Gordon.

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