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“Thuffering thuccotash!”
~ Bernhard Riemann on lithps
“All people with lithps should be annihilated”
~ Adolf Hitler on lithps
“Unthycolpedia is the betht.”
~ Othcar Wilde on lithps

edit Thummary

A lithp ith a habit or phythical quality that people have where they take their ethes and thees and pronounce them like a th. People in Thpain are famouth for lithping half their thetas and thees, while pronounthing the retht ath thetas and thees ath they should be pronounthed.

edit Famouth Lithperth

Famouth lithpers include Thylvester Thtallone and hith cat.

edit Famouth Lithper Mockerth

Famouth lithper mockerth include Grandma and her Bird, Tweety.

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