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edit Blahshoe


edit History

Blahshoe (also known as DJ Cupcake, that crazy guy, *swear word*, Koochie, Matty, Matt, Mateo or Jeff) is a way cool guy born in Kyrgnsk, USSR. Shortly after his birth in 1988, Blahshoe suddenly found himself in a country of turmoil after the collapse of the communist government. Blahshoe's real parents, Wictor and Catherine Agniezka, mailed him in a box to the greatest country in the world; the United States of America! He was found and cared for by two homosexual gypsies who trained him in martial arts until he was six years old. But, at the age of seven, the gays abandoned him and left him to die in the remote and desolate state of Florida. To this day, Blahshoe has an extremely violent hatred of the gays.

But, luckily for Blahshoe, he was picked up by a loving and caring family in Tampa, FL. He still lives there today, being dumb and making stupid uncyclopedia articles.

edit Background

Blahshoe is an avid hip-hop enthusiast; his alter 'gangsta' persona being that of DJ Cupcake. Together, with rapper MC White Heat, they create cool songs and crazy beats. Some of DJ Cupcake's work, can be seen here.

Blahshoe, as well as being a successful DJ, is also a techno artist. His band, The Robots Ate Grandma, isn't really a band at all. But, Blahshoe does create really good techno music, which isn't really that hard to do.

If you would like to learn even more about Blahshoe, you are more than not welcome to look here.

edit Contributions

Blahshoe has written several bad articles, all of which are horribly stupid and make no sense.

edit Favorites

Blahshoe has several favorite uncyclopedia articles which he would like to share with you.

edit Third Person

Blahshoe loves to refer to himself in the third person when working online. He also wrote this article to make it seem as if it was written by someone else. In fact, this article was written by Blahshoe himself. He is still writing in third person. He is also writing this last paragraph in third person. Blahshoe is very confused.

edit Stuff That Makes Me Not Important

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