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Blark benson

You Need A Thug In Yo Life!

Name Initials: A.C. (friend of O.J.)
Gender: I don't like labels
Date of Birth: May 10th, 2003
Location: California, USA

I'm still an amateur contributor here. Hope this profile helps me by building a serious rep on da streets (suburbs).

edit About Me

I'm a young college student revolutionary anarchist who finds Uncyclopedia to be fascinating and informative.

edit Favorite Hobbies

Hitting on white girls and getting beat up by their lean emo white boyfriends that aren't afraid of bookworm blackies.

edit Media Collection

Queer As Folk Season 1-5 DVD Box Set

Star Trek Season 1-3 DVD

Everybody Hates Chris Season One DVD (This show is more edgy than Leave It To Beaver!)

edit Pages I Have Created or Articles I Have Insignificantly Contributed To

  • Superhero (Shameless self plug of Blackman article)
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