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... This user would be a professional procrastinator, but he or she can't be bothered.
Leon Trotsky icon This user is humping Leon Trotsky's leg.
Firefox Logo This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla.


This user is ARR-some!

中共 This user supports the Communist Party of China, but only because because it's our last chance for global communist domination.
Villianc This user denies any involvement with the cabal. There is no cabal.
The Worst Part of Censorship This *bleep* user likes to *bleep* the use of *bleep* *bleep* profanity *bleep*
sub subliminal!
Nuvola apps important orange This user should not be trusted.
No Wikipedia
This user does not have a user page at Wikipedia because he or she thinks that they take things way too seriously over there.
Earth Western Hemisphere This person helps reduce overpopulation by killing people, helping the environment.
bu-N This user is a native speaker of Bullet and can fire high-caliber rounds in full-automatic mode.

BS This userpage is bullshit.
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