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This page is mainly dedicated to the destruction of Christian arguments, because Christians and atheists are inevitably the only ones who argue this.

Standard rules:

• Keep it civil
• No defacing/blanking please
• For christ's sake, please don't base any arguments you may have on something I previously showed to be wrong 474326058356 times.

edit Evolution

edit proven

Evolution. The theory of evolution. Let's get one thing straight here - evolution is about as proven as can be. Gravity is a theory, too. The Earth orbiting the Sun is a theory.

You see, evolution is only two things. Natural selection, and the passing down of genetic traits. Natural selection is proven, and verifiable both theoretically and empirically. The passing down of genetic traits is also a proven fact. Therefore, evolution is an undeniable fact.

This said, evolution is completely compatible with Chritianity and I'm not sure why there's so much fear of it.

edit God

edit imperfect

Here's the Christian belief:

God, as we all know, is perfect in every facet. God, perfect as he is, created humans perfect. We were perfect before we fell into blasphemous, adultering, treacherous ways. It's not God's fault we're imperfect.

The problem with this is that perfect humans could not have fallen into imperfection any more than God could have. Perfection cannot lead to imperfection, because one of the qualities of perfection is that it will not become imperfect. The only conclusion is that we were not created perfect. And if we were not created perfect, we must have been created imperfect.

But a perfect God would not have created us imperfectly. It would prevent us from being the best that we could be. Just look at the world's current state - hundreds of deaths in the middle east, a thriving sex trade, a dying ecology... all these mean the human world is not at the peak it could be. And if a perfect God would not have created us imperfect, then God must be imperfect.

There we go. A flawless* argument proving that the current Christian beliefs are incorrect.

*No-one's found fault with it yet

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