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Who am I... honestly who cares?

Quotes of wisdom

“Oh Lord, please don't stop him before he kills me!”

“Oh he don't eat no bugs, thats people food!”

“Nipples harder then those of a blind lesbian in a fish market.”

“When steel impacts flesh at high speed, flesh will yield.”

“How can I have a proper crew?, when they always eat them selves!”

“Well you know when you close your eyes and wish for something really hard?, Gods the guy that ignores you.”

“Video games develop hand-eye coordination and make kids into better human beings!”

“Gentlemen, Chop off my head with such velocity that my blood will rocket through my neck and propel my lifeless body all the way to Phoenix!!!”

“You have been cured with homeopathy, arise… *corpse does not move* arise god damn it! *he kicks corpse tell it rolls over from the force of the blow* Ah good you see he moved that means it working, his heart should start beating in a couple of days...”

“Violence is bad? Sorry I live in the USA: we think invading and killing others is a act of freedom and liberation.”

“Save our Troops!”

“How many lives per gallon?”

“Plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes, I've have read the arguments from both sides, and I haven’t found any evidence yet to support the need to brush your teeth… ever!”

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