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Owner: Pornopedia
Author: Yorgos
Type: Adult Online Encyclopedia
Current Status: Online beta
Launch Date: December 2005
Registration: Trademark
Revenue: Service providers to pimps is a free, online, Internet pornography encyclopedia project.
We were so bored to see all these comments about Wikipedia and its porn content that we decided to create a wiki for all pornoholics to contribute there. Excuse us for our terrible English but we are from Greece, Catalonia and Madagascar.
That's why we know a lot about porn! Pornopedia is a place for sharing, community building and entertainment.


Pornopedia's Admin full of love

edit History

The project started in 2005,[1] when various webmaster from around the globe decided to create a place where they could place all their knowledge about the adult business, establish a meeting point for users and professionals and build the web’s most complete database related to sex and porn.
During 2009 Pornopedia updated it's software and content.[2] As Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia, Pornopedia is also using the Mediawiki software. It permits the user to edit and create pages.
Try creating one yourself or editing an existing one!

edit Content

It's difficult to describe all the crap that you can find inside.
There is a huge list of people that have participated to porn movies; We are going to call them porn stars from now on. All their movies, films and videos are listed too so that you can easily come across a massive archive, write reviews and preview trailers. Put any sex or porn related term in the search box, fasten your seatbelt and fly... There are articles about almost every subject: Paraphilias, Sex education, Society, News...
Many articles where retrieved from Wikipedia and properly attributed using the special attribution template[3]


Pornopedia's Admin cleaning some shit

edit Spam

This doesn't mean that all kind of spammers are constantly invading the site to place their cheap links!
The spam policy is clear enough[4] but many webmasters from the porn industry become very rude just for some dollars. Even though some times they have the possibility to meet interesting people, Admins have to spend a lot of time cleaning.

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