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edit Geography

The Northwest Territories are found in the outer reaches of Cumbria. They stretch from the frontier of Barrow all the way to Carlisle in the northern frontier. This inhospitable wasteland is a mountainous region full of puddles, some of which can be anything upto three feet across and five inches deep. The most famous puddle is Puddle Windermere.

edit History

Traditionally the homeland of the Hobbits, the Northwest Territories have recently seen an inundation of Wizards from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The hobbits have called in the men of Gondor, but as these people are clearly fictional, the hobbits have suffered terrible losses due to the might and evilness of Harry Potter.

edit Myth And Legend

Many myths surround the Northwest Territories. The most common and popular one being the existence of a mystical people called simply "Cumbrians". The legends expound upon the theme of these people as sheep gatherers, and talk of evil deeds late at night in fields far away. The old childrens saying goes "..and if ye hear the sheep ba! Beware little Hobbit, for the men of Cumbria are out upon their evil deeds".

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