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edit Famous politicians with silly names

We'll start with Undabaningi Shitole, a Zimbabwean politician of the 1970's who was at loggerheads with The Rev. Canaan Banana to who had the daftest name in all Zimbabwe, a silly name for a country. Shitole was declared the winner after a play-off at the Bulawayo Icedrome when Banana was accidently eaten by Joshua Nkomo,a Zimbabwean politician with a slightly less silly name. Meanwhile back in the Lebanon, Druze leader Walid (Wally) Jumblat's mates were falling about laughing when they found out their leaders' name had been Westernized into a 'double entendre' for a girlies large pair of top bollocks; as in.."Phwooaarr! Look at the Wally Jumblats on her"

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