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edit Basics

Blobs have lived for as long as god but we don't know what blobs home plantes are so we call it BLOB LAND. The humans that worsip blobs have a religion called "insane"(so when you ask some people what religion they are some people will say I'm insane.). The blobs home planet has no name but the blobs have sent us a blobograph.
Blobs pic

Blobs home

edit Leadership

The blobs have a leader called flubber.

Blobs leader

, the blobs leader is picked by its skill to bounce thats only the kiddy way though the real way though is to see how can wank for the longest none stop there are usaly 5000 billion blobs doing it all in one small room this uslay lasts for 3 years . We humans where luky to see flubber because he was all so an actor and stared in a human movie

edit Food

The blobs fead on human happness thats way the emos are so depressed because blobs like feeding on there happness. Some times the blobs get attratted to humans addrenalin which is given to the humans by the fluffs. Fluffs are another alien animal which the blobs hate the fluffs life goal is to live by getting rid of all the exsess addrenalin which they bild up by giving it to the humans that like it or use it. Blobs try to kill the fluffs in war or by getting rid of the humans that they give there addrenalin to so the fluffs blow up from overdose of addrenalin. The most recint case of this is when the top grear presenter richard hammond has his accident.

richard hammond crash

edit Insperation

As we mentiond before in the rather old year of 1997 there was a movie made for the porposs of trying to stop flubber from leading the population of the blobs from destoying the whole world by turrning into all of us into emos. Apart from the film flubber they have also been put into a Japanze card called "Yu Gi Oh"

Blob based card thing

Yu Gi Oh is a rubbish card game that dictates the way the earth is run. In this card game there are stupid arguments on which is better Japanze


or American



edit war

The blobs often have wars between them and the

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