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This penis could be having sex, but is too scared of babies.

Pregnancy is a sexually transmitted disease that has a high possibility of being transmitted from penis to vagina through fucking whether it's oral sex or anal sex. Usually pregnancy has visible symptoms such as bloating or fattening. The term pregnancy is now widely used since it means your happiness is over. Pregnancy doesn't show any signs of disease and is also transmitted by vaginal sex, infected penis injection, or through birth and breastfeeding. There are many types of pregnancy. Some are easily treated by healthy penis, others are forever, and some will kill you if not treated by an abortion. So pregnancy is an ugly disease that spreads very fast whether you like it or not.

edit Birth and Preggo Prevention

Fun sex is important and it can help to not get pregnant. The best way to prevent preggos is by using condoms whenever possible. This will avoid accidently exchanging your happiness for a baby. Testing for pregnancy is necessary because some preggos take time to appear. Birth control also works, and is done by smart couples who would rather stay alive with pleasure. Most methods are done by killing the sperm (see spermicide). Abortion is often preferred because it avoids slaughtering sperm and is ethically more suitable for vaginas.

edit Condoms Usually Prevent Babies

A condom is a penis-shaped rubber made to trap and kill your sperm. Condoms are easy to steal and are much cheaper than raising a child.

edit Abortion Always Works

Abortions have never been easier thanks to Obama's awesome Healthcare plan. This plan targets fun loving teens hoping to avoid babies.

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