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edit *.PDN FAQ

edit Basic Info

It is a poor quality, space saving format that is compatible with nothing else. Used by the Paint.NET image editing program by default.

edit Do I have to use it?

HELL NO! Paint.NET supports nearly every file type there is!

edit So...Why does it exist?

Apparently it used to be really advanced and stuff back in the 1980s, but is very obsolete these days. It only exists because Rick Astley
thinks he can do whatever he wants, and force other people to accept it.

edit What, exactly, is the code like?

Buggy, nonsense lines that barely manage to render a blurry fascimile of the image at all!

edit Example Of A *.PDN file:

Puzzle globe

An example of an image saved in the *.PDN format. As you can see, it just barely resembles a waterfall surrounded by mountains.

Bloink1 solid
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